Creating a Marketo Measure Profile creating-a-marketo-measure-profile

Learn how to create a Marketo Measure profile. Creating a Marketo Measure profile ensures we won’t run into validation errors when pushing data to your CRM.

  1. Create a specific Marketo Measure profile:

    • Assign the Marketo Measure Administrator Permission Set
    • Enable the permission to View and Edit Converted Leads
    note note
    This profile can be a clone of a System Admin profile
  2. Created a dedicated Marketo Measure user:

    • Assign the new Marketo Measure Profile to that User
    • Enable “Marketing User” as a user level permission
  3. Exclude this Profile from all triggers, workflows, and processes.

  4. Log in to your Marketo Measure Account and re-authorize the Salesforce connection with the new user:

    • Go to and log in with the new user production Salesforce credentials
    • Select “Settings” within the “My Account” drop-down
    • Select “Connections” within the “Integrations” grouping
    • Click the Key Icon to the right of the current connected Salesforce connection and select to Re-authorize with Production. Then log in with the new user credentials again if prompted


    If you have any questions around creating a dedicated Marketo Measure profile, please reach out to the Adobe Account Team (your Account Manager) or Marketo Support.