Release Notes: 2024 release-notes-2024

See below for all the new and updated features for our 2024 releases.

Q3 Release q3-release

Reminder: Salesforce Field Deprecations - June 14

As announced last year, we will be phasing out our export jobs to Lead/Contact objects to simplify our integration and eliminate the need to export to Salesforce standard objects. You can obtain the same data from your Touchpoint objects by following the steps documented here. We will also be sharing documentation on creating workflows to add this data to the Lead/Contact object. The deprecation will take effect on June 14, 2024.

This change will bring two key benefits:

  • Reduced Salesforce API Costs: Customers can expect to reduce their Salesforce API costs by around 10%.
  • Streamlined Integration: The highest number of errors in our export jobs are related to these processes. Removing them will significantly streamline our integration.

Attributed Opportunity Dashboard

We’re excited to introduce the new Attributed Opportunity Dashboard, designed to give you a comprehensive view of how your marketing efforts contribute to both nascent and mature pipeline opportunities. This dashboard allows you to delve into the details of every open and closed opportunity attributable to your strategies, with the flexibility to filter by opportunity stage. It provides insights into which channels, subchannels, or campaigns rank highest in terms of attributed opportunity amount, and displays the total attributed opportunity amount along with the count of attributed open and closed opportunities.

Marketo Engage Cookie Sync for Marketo Measure Ultimate

Marketo Engage Cookie Sync is now available for Marketo Measure Ultimate. To use this feature:

  1. On the AEP Schemas page, edit the B2B Person schema and add the field group “Marketo Engage Person Details.”
  2. When ingesting the data to MMU, map the Cookie ID field from the field group to the Cookies field from Marketo Engage.

Boomerang Stages enabled for Tier 2 Customers

Previously only available to Tier 3 customers, the Boomerang Stage feature is also be available to all Tier 2 customers beginning June 13, 2024. For more detailed information on this feature, please refer to the documentation below.

Q2 Release q2-release

Deprecation of Marketo Measure Features in Response to Third-Party Cookie Phase-Out

In response to growing privacy concerns, third-party cookies are being phased out, with Google Chrome’s Q3 2024 deadline signaling their end. Marketo Measure will deprecate certain features dependent on third-party cookies, specifically Cross-Domain Tracking and View-through Attribution, which rely on the Google/DoubleClick impression cookie. This change will not affect other Marketo Measure functionalities or the use of first-party cookies. Following Google’s timeline, these functionalities are expected to be deprecated by June 1, though data collected prior to this date will still be accessible to customers.

Phased Rollout of Our Enhanced Error Handling

We are introducing a phased rollout of enhanced error handling for export jobs, starting with immediate in-app pulse notifications for permission errors, and transitioning to a new approach where export jobs will pause at the point of error. This change aims to improve data integrity and visibility, ensuring smoother and more reliable data management processes for our users. To ensure a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your operations, we are implementing these changes in two phases:

  • Immediate Availability of Pulse Notifications: You’ll receive in-app pulse notifications for permission errors during export jobs. This will not interrupt your exports, but will help you learn about the errors without affecting your current jobs.
  • Implementation of Job Pausing on April 25: POSTPONED - After considering feedback from Marketo Measure users, we have decided to postpone the implementation of pausing export jobs at the point of error, originally scheduled for April 25. We recognize that halting jobs may not be the most effective approach. We are committed to finding a better solution that maintains data integrity and minimizes disruption. We will hold off on making any changes to our current system until we can ensure a solution that aligns more closely with the needs of our users.

Why This Matters

Enhanced Data Integrity and Future-proofing Your Integration: We stop the job at the first sign of trouble to prevent data loss and ensure accuracy. This allows for quick issue resolution, improving data export quality and system reliability.

Immediate Visibility: The introduction of pulse notifications allows for prompt response to permission errors, preventing potential impacts on operations.

Supporting Your Transition

To help you adapt to this change, we have created documentation with clear error descriptions and comprehensive troubleshooting steps.

Action Required for LinkedIn Integration

LinkedIn recently released an updated version of their Lead Sync API. Please re-authenticate the LinkedIn connection in your Marketo Measure instance by May 20 to avoid any interruptions.