Configurations for Multiple Campaign Record Types configurations-for-multiple-campaign-record-types

Missing Picklist Values from the “Enable Buyer Touchpoints” Field

If your SFDC org uses multiple campaign record types, the picklist values for the “Enable Buyer Touchpoints” must be added for each record type. To add the options, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Setup > Customize > Campaigns > Record Types.

  2. Select the Campaign Record Types by clicking the Record Type Label, not the edit button.

  3. Here you are brought to screen with the available picklists for that record type. Select Edit next to the “Enable Buyer Touchpoints” field.

  4. Add all three values from the “Available Values” grouping to the “Selected Values” grouping.

  5. Set the default value to “None” and click Save. Repeat for any additional Campaign Record Types.