Marketo Measure Framework marketo-measure-framework

Learn more about the four main components that make up the Marketo Measure framework. Marketo Measure relies on these applications to track, organize, and house data, as well as provide reporting capabilities. The four components that comprise Marketo Measure’s framework are:

  • Marketo Measure’s JavaScript
  • CRM Integrations
  • Third-Party Applications/Systems
  • Marketo Measure Application

Marketo Measure JavaScript marketo-measure-javascript

The Marketo Measure JavaScript tracks all the online marketing interactions, also called touchpoints, that prospects/leads have with your organization. It is a custom script that is added before the closing </head> tag on every page of your website.

<script type="text/javascript" src="//[](" async=""></script>

For instructions on how to add the Marketo Measure JS, click here.

Marketo Measure’s JS captures data from web visits (including anonymous web visits), general traffic/page navigation, content downloads, and form submissions. This data is pushed into your CRM and each marketing interaction is displayed as a touchpoint.

CRM Integrations crm-integrations

Marketo Measure integrates with CRMs to house and organize all the data that is captured by the Marketo Measure JS. Currently, Marketo Measure has API integrations with two CRMs:

By surfacing Marketo Measure data in your CRM, you are able to see the granular information related to each touchpoint and generate reports to understand how your channels are performing.

Third-Party Applications third-party-applications

Most marketers rely on a few different applications to run their marketing efforts. In addition to Salesforce and MS Dynamics, Marketo Measure is integrated with 13 third-party applications (listed below).

If you are running any marketing efforts using the applications above, you can link those accounts to your Marketo Measure account. This allows easy tracking and transfer of data to your Marketo Measure account.

Marketo Measure Application marketo-measure-application

The Marketo Measure application is used to view and report on your attribution data, configure account settings, and update account information. The main menu items in the Marketo Measure app include:

Account Configuration

This is where you can update your company’s general information and access the Marketo Measure Javascript.


This menu item allows you to configure your attribution and channel-mapping settings, manage integrations with CRMs and third-party applications, view/add Marketo Measure account users, and update billing information.

Marketing ROI Dashboard

The Marketing ROI Dashboard menu item is where you can visualize your data in terms of channel performance, activity, and cost.