Analytics Tools Guide


This guide provides product documentation and self-help for the following Adobe Analytics reporting and analysis tools:

  • Analysis Workspace: The foremost feature in Adobe Analytics. Workspace provides a canvas where you can drag components to meet reporting needs.
  • Adobe Analytics dashboards: This mobile app allows users mobile access to create intuitive scorecards with key metrics, more detailed breakdowns and trended reports.
  • Activity Map: A browser plug-in that displays an overlay on your site showing which elements were clicked the most.
  • Report Builder: An Excel add-in that allows you to retrieve Analytics data and place it directly into a workbook.
  • Reporting API: Make report queries directly to Adobe’s servers, and get responses for use in your own customer reporting tools.
  • Reports & Analytics: A tool with dozens of pre-built reports. Adobe recommends using Analysis Workspace for most reporting needs. Note: Reports & Analytics will be end-of-lifed on December 31, 2023.

Here is a video overview of Adobe Analytics:

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