Publishing Lists

Publishing lists provide an easy way to send various reports specific to different groups of your organization without creating several separate scheduled reports. Publishing lists are useful if you have location-specific report suites and would like to provide each respective department a copy of a specific dashboard. Alternatively, you can use publishing lists to send data to many people without having to separately type in their email addresses, if you work with a single report suite.

Multiple publishing lists can be specified when scheduling a report.

Publishing List Manager Descriptions

Element Description
Search for Lets you filter the table to search for a publishing list.
Report Suites to Include Overrides the report suite for a scheduled report or all reportlets in a dashboard. Though there is no technical limit on the number of separate report suite entries, it is recommended to limit it to approximately 50. There is no established limit on the number of emails that can be included.
E-mail Addresses A comma-delimited list of all emails that will receive the report with the new report suite. Click Click to Edit to specify the Email addresses to receive. Enter each Email address, separating multiple Email addresses with a semi-colon (;). Press <Enter> when finished entering Email addresses.
The Email Count field displays the number of Email addresses currently associated with the report suite entry.
Duplicate Creates a copy of the publishing list.

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