Manage Live Copy inheritance on a page manage-live-copy-page

Learn how to manage inheritance between a Live Copy and its Blueprint at a page level.

In this video, we’re going to learn about how to manage the live copy inheritance relationship on a page by page basis. Let’s go into the Germany countryside, the English edition of the page site here, and now adventures. So the adventure section this is where the WKND organization creates their trip packages or the adventure packages that they sell. And they have decided to allow the content management team in Germany to have more freedom on what content they’re going to have under components that they’re inheriting from the blueprint. So this calls for a more general action in terms of live copy inheritance management. Instead of going on a component per component basis, suspending the live copy inheritance, we’re going to suspend the live copy inheritance relationship on a page level, and even a section level. So I’m going to suspend it not just for the adventures page here, but also for all of the child pages. For that, I’m going to select these by clicking on the checkmark, okay? Go to the page properties of adventures and notice that we have a live copy tab here at the end. And we have these suspend option. Now the suspend operation or action is basically going to do the same that we experienced on a previous video where we suspended the live copying characters for a component individually on a page. But it is going to do it not just to a single component of the page but to a page completely including all of the components that it contains, okay? And since I’m going to select these options suspend with children is also going to include or perform the same action to all of the child pages of the adventures page. So I’m going to click on that. It is going to suspend the live copy relationship for this page as well as its child pages. Save and close. Now if I go to any of the pages involved here, like any of one of these child pages within adventures, like cycling in Tuscany, for example and open the properties, you can see that I don’t have the options that I would normally have for synchronisation because right now he has his live copy inheritance suspended. If I were to cancel that and open it for editing, I open any one of these for editing, you will see that the components are editable right now. So you can open the dialog, okay? But that is because of the fact that the live copy relationship is currently suspended. Okay, you can see that in this icon. Now, let’s go ahead and go back here. And now I’m going to show you a couple of actions. So I’m going to go into the adventures page, I’m going to the editor, and I’m going to make a couple of changes here. So that suppose that I want to localize these texts here, instead of experience the world with us, I’m going to write, Germans experience the world with us, okay? Done, and I also want to add another image here.
Okay, let’s drag and drop this image over here. All right, now, there is a fundamental difference between the two changes that I just did. The first one involves a component that has a corresponding component on the blueprint, and therefore it has a relationship with that corresponding component on the blueprint page.
The detail about that though is that, right now, that relationship is suspended. Whereas the other component is image component they adjust to this page locally, doesn’t even have the ability to a re-established life copy relationship because it doesn’t have it. There is no corresponding component to synchronize with. It is a completely local component.
So what I want to do now is see what happens when I do asynchronization.
Now to do asynchronization, there’s something that I have to do before. If I go to live copy, you’ll see that I don’t have the asynchronization option right now because the page has had its live copy relationship suspended, you can see live copy has been suspended, okay? No action will be performed on roll out. So I have to resume that relationship by clicking on this. This is going to resume the live copy relationship for this page and its child pages. You can save and close and next I’m going to go ahead and open the properties again, I’m going to do the synchronization.
Okay, now I have the synchronize option again, let me click on that. It is going to pull in from the blueprint, the content that we have there. Close this, let’s have a look at the content that we had changed here. Notice that this title this text has been now re-established to its original version so it no longer says Germans experience the world with us. So we got the text back from the blueprint that is because we re-established the live copy relationship when we resumed it and then we perform the synchronization, okay? And the other one has been respected because these are locally added component and we didn’t remove it or it was not removed by AEM when we did the synchronization it was respected. Okay, another action that I want to show you is the ability to detach a page from its corresponding blueprint. So let’s go ahead and do that on one of these child pages. Let’s say like this one for example.
Pick properties, then live copy, and we have this detach option. What this will do is it will basically cut off the live copy completely from its corresponding blueprint. It will no longer be able to be a live copy, the relationship will not be able to be reestablished. So this is a permanent action, detach it.
So now this is no longer a live copy. So there’s no way to roll out content now from blueprint from the blueprint to this page. If you compare it here on the list view, you can see that this is the only page that doesn’t have the live copy status below the title. Okay, let’s go back to the level above. And the last thing that I want to show you is back into the page properties for adventures, live copy. I want to show, talk to you about the reset action here. The reset action will allow you to re-establish not just the relationship as we did with the resume operation when we had suspended it but in this case we’re going to completely ignore any local changes is going to reset the page as if we’re copying it a new, making a new live copy straight from the blueprint whatever content it has right now. So I’m going to click on reset, save and close, and if I now go to adventures, you will find out that that component that we had loaded locally now has not been respected. Basically, we have overwritten whatever we have here, with what is there on the blueprint.