Live Copy and Blue Print livecopy-blueprint

Understand the relationship between a Live Copy and its Blueprint in AEM Sites.

In this video, we’re going to explore the inheritance relationship that exists between a live copy and its corresponding blueprint page. This concepts pertain to the multisite management core module of AEM, and we’re going to learn about it by making a change to the blueprint and seeing how that change which will be a content update can be inherited down to the live copies that are referencing that blueprint page. So let’s go ahead and look for a blueprint page within the WKND site. So WKND site, we have the Language Masters, and that’s where we have all of the blueprint pages. I’m going to select the English page here, which is the blueprint of the homepage in English. Select that, then I’m going to go here to the drop down to select the references rail, and then go to copies and live copies.
And I have two live copies, the homepage in the US in English and the whole page for Canada in English are both live copies of the English homepage under Language Matters, okay. So let’s go ahead and compare one of these to its blueprint. Select US EN, and click on compare to source.
All right, I can see that these two are identical, so the one on the left hand side, the US EN page, which is live copy, and the one on the right hand side is the language masters EN, which is the blueprint. As I said, they are identical, and this is because the live copy was created as a copy of the blueprint page, but it is not just a simple copy, it’s a live copy, that means it keeps our inheritance relationship after the copy operation takes place, okay.
So what that means is that when I make a change to the blueprint page, I should be able to inherit those content updates on the left hand side here, which is where I have the live copy, okay. So let’s go ahead and make a change to the blueprint page, and let’s come back later to the comparison to here so we can see the changes.
Let’s close this, and now we’re going to go ahead and edit the homepage under language matters, okay.
So I am now in the page editor for the blueprint page, okay. So I’m going to go ahead and change the hero image here, that’s going to be the content update that I’m making. Now, I’m going to go back to the sites console, the blueprint homepage is already selected. So I just have to keep it like that. Then I go to references, live copies again, and I’m going to once again open the comparison tool. So I’m going to compare US EN to the source. And we can see that the live copy is still showing me the old image. Whereas the blueprint shows me the update. Now, how come the live copy has not yet inherited the content update? Well, the reason for that is because the default behavior in AEM for these live copy relationship is that in order for it to take effect, in order for that content in character to take effect, you have to manually trigger it by using the rollout action or synchronization action. So I’m going to show you how you can rollout the content of this from the blueprint to the live copy, okay. Let me go ahead and close this comparison tool and let’s select again, the Language Masters English, which is the blueprint, and on the references rail live copies. Once again, click on either one of these, US EN for example, notice that we have the synchronize button, okay. I could also go to Canada EN and click on the synchronize button. This means that I can synchronize these live copy Canada EN, to its blueprint page individually, or I can individually synchronize the US EN page to its blueprint page. Additionally, you can do this operation of rolling out or synchronization from the page editor. So I’m going to select the page editor or open the page editor for the blueprint page. So these are already selected, click on edit. Now I am back on the page editor, and this time going to click here on the page information drop down, and then rollout page. Now I am presented with the option to not just roll out to a single live copy but to all live copies, so I can roll out at the same time to Canada EN page and to the US EN page. Additionally, you can see that there’s the status column, this is showing me that there is an active live copy relationship between these two live copies and they’re a blueprint, okay.
Now let me go ahead now and click on the check mark here, click on now so I can roll out the page right now, click on continue, all right, this is done now. Now let me go back, select English, then compared to source again so we can see the result. All right, so now we can see that US EN, the live copy has been updated with the content that is inheriting from its blueprint page, and it has been done by using the rollout action from the blueprint, or you could also have used a synchronized action by synchronizing a live copy to its blueprint.- -