Create a country site create-country-site

Learn how to create a country site from existing Language Copies using the Create Site wizard.

In this video, we look at the culmination of all the work we’ve done with the Language Copies. So now that we have created several Language copies, we started with the French Language Copy that we intended to reuse in French speaking countries. We finally now have a larger set of Language copies that we can readily start reusing across multiple regions or countries. Now, how can we actually get a shortcut into creating a Country Site and get some of these Language copies already there into that country initially, without having to manually create each individual language edition from a blueprint, we can do this going through the Create Side wizard of the Multi-Site Management module. Let’s go ahead and do that. For now we have to select the WKND site, which is going to be the target where we’re going to create the Country Site that we intend to create. And the country that we intend to create is Switzerland, where we’re going to be able to reuse the French, German and Italian languages. So we’re going to go ahead and click on Create Site.
And now we’re going to pick the WKND site Blueprint. It is very important because the WKND site Blueprint is rooted in the Language Masters folder. Therefore, we get to see all of the Language copies that are beneath the Language Masters folder. That’s why we get here. So all of the different Language copies that are available, that we can choose from for our new Country Site are here. Now, in this case, we’re going to refrain from using English, Hebrew, Spanish, and we’re going to keep Germany, Italian, and French. And on the sections of the site, we’re going to not use the Travel Tips section and everything else we’re going to add to the Live Copy of each individual Language copy.
Okay. So let’s type in here, Switzerland, which is going to be a title of the Country Site. The name of the Country Site has to follow ISO standards for country naming codes.
And the site owner is going to be admin.
Make sure that once we go through the process, the resulting editions of the site that we have under Switzerland, are actually Live Copies of the Language copies that we have under Language Masters site. So that’s why we select this checkbox. Then on the rollout configs, we’re going to select standard rollout configs so that we are going to have a typical type of relationship where when we want to rollout, we have to actually explicitly use rollout operation.
And also the rollout is going to involve a simple copy as is of what you have on the Language copy into the Live copies within the Switzerland country. Now let’s go click on create, this’ll be in a moment.
Done. Now we are ready. And we can see that we have Switzerland now with the three languages that we had already created within the language copies. And now we have Live copies of each one of those language copies. So every one of these is actually a Live copy of a Language copy within Language Masters. So I’m going to select German for example. If I now go to references then Blueprint and you can see that the blueprint is the German Language copy. -