Create a Language Copy page create-language-copy-page

Learn how to create a page in an existing Language Copy, and then translate the content to another Language Copy.

Now, we’re going to look at creating a new page on a Language Copy that already exists, and that has already been translated. So it’s similar to an update but with the difference that in this case, the page doesn’t exist yet. So there are going to be some differences in the process. Okay, so let’s go into the WKND Site, Language Masters, English and this is the page, Travel Tips. This is the new page that we have created under English. And of course, if we go into Language Masters, French and the French Language Copy, we don’t have the corresponding Language Copy page for Travel Tips. So let’s go ahead and create that Language Copy page for Travel Tips. Travel Tips selected and then going to References, Language Copies. And now we can see that since this a new page, there really are no language copies yet, the Language Copy that we see here on the list is just the one that we are currently looking at. So we want to actually create a new Language Copy in French. So let’s click here on CREATE and TRANSLATE. Notice the difference. Right now we see CREATE and TRANSLATE instead of update because it’s going to be a brand new page. We’re not updating an already existing translated page under the French Language Copy. Let’s select the target language, French and Create a Translation Project and we’re going to title it, Create and Translate Travel Tips into French, Create.
All right, so after we have done this, now we can see that in this case, we will not get a launch as opposed to how we did in the case of the update. In the case of the creation of a new page on the Language Copy, we don’t need that because since this is a new page, AEM can just go ahead and copy the page from the Language Master English into the French Language Copy. As you can see, the French Language Copy now has a Travel Tip speech. So let’s go ahead into the Projects module of AEM and look for that brand new project that just got created. So Create and Translate, Travel Tips into French, let’s go into the project. And now that’s how I look at the job. So on the job, what we have is the Travel Tips page and some references and Tags Metadata and Component Strings.
That’s pretty much everything and let’s go back outside. So we’re going to make a slight change here to the summary, because we’re going to test what happens when we reject a translation. So we’re going to go into Advanced and instead of having this going to Automatically Approved Translations, we’re going to uncheck that so that we get a chance to review and reject the translation. Save and close. All right, now let’s go ahead and start the translation.
Start all right, it’s ready for review. If you’re going into a translation job, we can see that the Tags Metadata as well as the Travel Tips are both now ready for review. And now what I can do now is either accept or reject the translation. So I’m going to go ahead and reject the translation. So what will happen now is that the resources that I am rejecting are going to be sent back over to the Translation Service Provider as part of a translation job. And the comment is going to come along and it’s going to tell what I said about why I rejected the translation. So we can give any, change context, for example, Reject. Okay and that’s how you can go about creating a new section or a new page on a Language Copy and also how you can reject a translation. -