Translation Projects translation-projects

Learn how to create, edit and manage a translation project for your Language Copy.

In this video, we’re going to talk about translation projects. Translation projects are a special kind of AEM project that is meant to create, manage and execute translation jobs. Let’s go ahead and going to a main navigation and then to the project module of AEM.
And here, now we’re going to be able to see that out of the previous video, where we discussed using the create language copy wizard in order to create the language copy, but also out of that to also create an AEM translation project, we have ended up with this Translate French Language Copy folder that inside has a translation project. And here, in this card, we can see the basic information about the project, like the project name, what is the current status of the translation job? How many translation jobs? We can also select it or click on it. So we can go actually into the translation project. And in the case of translation projects, there’s two special kinds of tiles that are meant for specifically translation price. That is the summary tile and a translation job tile. Let’s first go into the summary tile and click here on this ellipsis. So we can see that summary of the properties and configurations of these translation project.
So here we have a basic tab and an advanced tab. On the basic that we have the basic and typical AEM project properties that you would set up on any AEM project.
So in our case, we’re just going to set up a due date and a start date. So I’m going to set a start date for today and a due date for a week from now. And I’m going to set up a user here to be part of the team working on the project who is going to be an international reviewer, add it.
So now I have that user there and I also have the advanced tab. Now this is where things, I’ll be more specific to translation price. In the advanced tab, first, we have that source language that we’re going to be translating from, in this case, English. This has been pre-selected because of how we went through the translation, sorry, through the create language copy wizard.
There, we selected English as the source, and we also selected French as the target language. That’s why we see these here.
Additionally, we also have here the ability to configure or point this translation project to a specific cloud configuration path so that AEM may search for the cloud configuration path on a particular location and determine how, or which translation providers are available and which translation integration framework is going to be applied in order to do the translation or to perform the details of the translation. Now, in this case, we’re resorting to the default translation configuration on the default cloud configuration of AEM.
And, an additional item here or an additional point to be made here is the fact that, if you make changes to these settings, like the translation provider or content category, or the type of translation, machine translation or human translation, if you make those changes here at the level of the translation project, you are basically overriding any settings that you may have inherited or derived actually from the cloud configuration. So basically you’re going to be overshadowing those cloud configuration settings.
Now I’m going to go ahead and click here, save and close. And the next thing that I’m going to look at here is the translation job tile. This is where we’re going to use in order to be able to actually start the translation job so that the French language copy finally gets translated into English.
Before I do that, I want to go back for a moment into that summary ellipsis, just to point out something very important. If we go to advanced and scroll down, you will see that there’s an automatically approved translation check box checked. Because of that, we’re going to expect that this translation job, once it starts, is going to go through several statuses and the final status is going to be approved. And it’s going to get to that approved status without any intervention from us, because we have set this translation project to automatically approved any translation jobs that are run. I’m going to now click here on this dropdown and click on start. Immediately if I refresh the screen, you will notice that the status is currently on translation in progress. And this is going to, at some point after a few moments is going to change to approved. We’re not going to be able to see the whole sequence of statuses because of the speed, because how these automatically approved translation job is going to actually become approved.
We can see now that the status has moved on for review and now it’s approved.
So what just happened is that this translation job just went through its whole lifecycle until we got approved. And, in here we can see the details of all of the resources that got translated or the summary of that. Now we’re going to check out the French language copy and see how it has been translated. Let’s go ahead and going to the sites console again, and look for that French language copy under Language Masters. And you can see now that the title of the pages has been translated. If we actually go into any of these pages, like for example, this one, select it for editing. Now we should be able to see that the content displayed by the components on the page has been translated into French. -