Live Copy console live-copy-console

Learn how to view or manage inheritance across a site or perform rollout operations using the Live Copy Overview console.

In this video, we’re going to learn about the live copy overview console for that, let’s imagine that we work for the Weekend organizations headquarters. And since the Weekend organization has a multinational, multilingual site we have multiple copies of the English edition of the site reused across multiple regions. But we do have an original language master, English, which serves as the blueprint for all of those copies, which are live copies, as we have learned before. What I want to do is have a control center type of view into what the status of all of those live copies is from the perspective of the blueprint, okay? So I’m going to go ahead and select the root of the whole blueprint site, which is the English homepage here, under language masters, and then go to the admin UI rails, references. And now I’m going to click here on live copies, and then click on this button that you see here at the bottom, live copy overview. This opens the live copy overview console, which gives us a table view of the status of all the individual live copies. What we’re looking at here is focused on the English page. We’re seeing the child pages of it and the status of each of their live copies. So for example, if I take magazine, which is one of the child pages of English, you can see that it has a live copy under Canada, it has another live copy in English under Germany and another live copy in English under the United States. And for all of those, the live copy is up to date as you can see. Now let’s imagine that I, as a content manager in the headquarters, I want to make a change to the magazine page. How can I go about doing that? So I’m going to go ahead and select this, and this would be a key into selecting the blueprint, okay? And I’m going to now click on the edit button here, so I can open the page editor and I’m going to make a slight change here just for the sake of illustrating the concept. All right, let’s add an additional letter there, and now I’m going to go back here into the site’s console.
View in admin, so we can once again reopen the live copy overview console.
All right, live copies, live copies overview. So I just made a change to the blueprint and this has rendered all of my live copies for the magazine page out of sync, why? Because the blueprint has been modified and we can see that already on the status here, okay? So how can I correct that? I can either select either one of these, either each one of these individually and then click on synchronize, so I can synchronize them one by one, or I can select the blueprint, by clicking on the check mark here on the extreme left, and I could do a rollout to all of them at once. And if you have made changes to other pages throughout the whole English blueprint site, you could roll those out on a single operation using the live copy overview console as well. For that, I would have to go one level further up, right now I’m on the English page and looking at its child pages. But if I go one level up to language masters using this breadcrumb dropdown here.
Now you will be able to see that at this level, I can see the English homepage for the blueprint. And if I select this and rollout, I would, I can now have the ability to roll out to the whole site and roll out the whole site, sorry to all of the live copies throughout the different regions, okay? Select rollout, right now, right, save and close here, and now I’m going to reopen the live copy overview console for the language masters, English page. Right, live copies, live copy overview. Now I can see that all the child pages again of English and I can see magazine is up to date, okay? So now let’s go ahead and suppose that I worked for the German content management team, and I want to make a local change to the magazine page in Germany. So, I’m going to close now these live copy overview console. Now I’m going to now go into Germany, and open the magazine page.
All right? Open for editing.
And I’m going to go into this title and I’m going to break or cancel the inheritance for it. Okay, So I can edit it. I’m going to make a slight change here just for the sake of making a change, okay? Now, if I go back into the live copy overview console, select English, references, live copies, sorry, you have to go into language masters, English, live copies, and live copy overview again. Now you can see, we have this status live copy modified. Now, from my perspective, if I’m on the headquarters, looking at this console, I don’t know exactly what happened in terms of what got modified. I don’t know if what got modified is our component for which the inheritance relationship was canceled, or whether some other new component was dragged and dropped into a page completely, which would be something that is outside of the scope of the live corporate relationship, okay? But if I select this I can see a little bit more details about what has happened. So if I select this, and then go into the relationship status, within status you can see that the live copy page has children or children with property. So basically, there are elements within the page for which the inheritance has been canceled, okay? So it might have been that but it also might have been someone adding a component to a page. In either case, it’s just going to tell me that the live copy has been modified.
Now, if I make a change again to the blueprint, let’s go ahead and do that.
Let’s rewrite this, let’s remove this S and now let’s go back into the console, refresh. Now you can see that the blueprint modification that I just did supersedes the live copy modified status that I had. So, the live copy, of course has been modified, but the blueprint modified status takes precedence because I care from the console point of view to get all of the content that has been modified on the blueprint rolled out. So there are still components on that page that have a live copy inheritance relationship for which I do want to synchronize, okay? So that’s why the blueprint modified status pops up and takes precedence over the live copy modified, okay? Now let’s suppose that I want to view the status of the pages within adventures here. So I’m going to click on adventures, this is going to take me one level deeper, and I can see the child pages of adventures and their statuses, okay? So you can see within Germany, the live copy inheritance relationship has been canceled for the whole Beervana in Portland page, okay? If I select it, you can see that I have also the relationship status and here I can see canceled inheritance, okay? Let me get out of here. Additionally, I can use this console to resume the live copy inheritance relationship. If I select this it’s going to synchronize it immediately after I click resume, okay? And now it is up to date because I not just resumed it, but actually synchronized. You can also perform other actions, such as detaching. For example, if I want to detach one of these live copies, the German edition of the cycling in Tuscany page, for example, I can go here and click on detach, okay? And you can see a different status for that. Basically now I don’t have any handle to be able to make, do any performing actions on this page anymore, because now it’s considered a locally created page, okay? Now, additionally, there’s the ability to perform a reset on any of the pages that you select here, as you can see. And this is the live copy overview console. -