Building Blocks with Experience Fragments building-blocks

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Building blocks are a subfeature of Experience Fragments. Building blocks enable content authors to reuse components across different variations of Experience Fragments.

Experience fragments allow us to create building blocks that - can be used in templates for creating variations. From the AAM home screen, - click on experience fragments. I will select an experience fragment that has been created for this demo.
It’s important to note that any - experience fragment template that will be used to - create building blocks must have the building - blocks policy enabled in the pages template.
Here, we see content related - to different activities. Let’s break down these - assets into separate modules so we can reuse this experience fragment based on the activity. Let’s group all the cycling assets and convert them into a building block so that it can be reused later. To create a building block, select the components from - the experience fragment that you want to add and then click on convert - to building block. Building blocks created within - this experience fragment and other experience fragments will be listed under the - billing blocks option on the left panel, making it easy for us - to reuse the content. Let’s create a new variation - for this experience fragment. From the variation tab, - click on the create option and select a new variation. Let’s choose a template and - provide a name and title. We can use the building - block from the first template to add content for this variation. Select the building blocks option and then simply drag and drop - it into the layout container. Building blocks give users the - ability to resize the content and layout mode without - losing the inheritance.
Let’s switch back to our - master copy variation and change out one of the images - used in the building block.
Switching back to our variation, we can see that the image has been swapped and the image layout for our - variation has not changed. Additionally, we can remove inheritance and make modifications to our variations by selecting the building block and clicking on the - cancel inheritance option.
Let’s create a completely - new experience fragment.
The building block from the previous step is still accessible and can be used in the - new experience fragment. To view building blocks created in other experience fragments, modify the location from local to all. Make sure that the template - policies are configured to allow the experience fragment to accept the building - block component itself as well as the components that constitute the building block. Deleting a building block - within an experience fragment removes it from the building block lists for other experience fragments as well. - -
The template used for Experience Fragments must include Building Blocks as an allowed component.
  • Building blocks makes it easy to reuse components across variations.
  • Changes to the main Building Block are automatically reflected in any references. Changes to Building block’s layout are not affected.