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Create Adobe Target Activity using Experience Fragment Offers target-activity-experience-fragment

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Learn how to create and test an Adobe Target Activity using AEM Experience Fragment Offers.

Hi there. In this video, let me show you how to create an Adobe Target Activity using experience fragments offer exported from Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service. I have an Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service instance set up for this video with a production, staging, and development environment. Please make sure to use the latest build of AEM for your setup. I have the WKND Site page open here. Let’s scroll down to explore the page. Here, you can see a section on the page that shows the adventure of the month. Currently, it is camping in Western Australia. Let’s assume that you are assigned to create an AB activity to test the section of the page with two different adventures, and then see which experience drives more traffic. The goal here is to track a conversion on how many users click on the Read More button to explore this month’s adventure. So to create an activity, let’s open the Adobe Target in a new tab. Before we proceed, let’s make sure that we have the right experience fragment offers exported from Adobe Experience Manager. You have two adventure offers that we could use for our activity. Skydiving in New Zealand, and MacArthur Falls hiking in California. Let’s open to view the offers and make sure that the content fits our needs. If everything looks good, let’s push to the Adobe Target window and then select activities. Let’s create a new AB test activity, provide the publish instance URL, and then click next. The visual experience composer, is the what you see is what you get user interface, that lets you easily create and test personalized experiences and offers in the site’s context. As you move your mouse around the page, a context-sensitive box follows the cursor highlighting the elements on the page. Selecting WKND homepage’s adventures section, and expand your selection to choose the entire container. After finalizing your selection, use the replace content with experienced fragment option to select an experience fragment offer from the offers list. Let me choose the skydiving offer for the first experience, and rename experience B accordingly. Similarly, for experience A, let’s replace the content with the MacArthur Falls experience fragment offer. After finalizing the experiences for our activity, let’s move to targeting. We have a 50-50 traffic split between the two experiences for all WKND site homepage visitors. Let’s proceed to set goals for our activity. For reporting sources, you could either use Adobe Target or Adobe Analytics. For this video, let’s select Target as our reporting source and move to the gold metric. Let’s measure the conversion activity to see how many users navigate to skydiving, or MacArthur Adventure page from the WKND homepage.
Let’s finalize our changes and save the activity. Optionally, we could provide a user friendly name to identify our activity quickly. Let’s give it a few seconds for the activity to sync. Once synced, let’s activate our activity to make it live. Let’s test to see if the activity works as expected. When we visited the WKND homepage before creating the activity, we noticed a section on the homepage about camping in Western Australia. We created two different experiences, a skydiving experience and a waterfall experience within our target activity. So when we refresh the page, we should be able to experience one of these experiences. You can now see that the page’s adventure section has been replaced with one of our target activity experience. Let’s open another WKND homepage on a different browser, and hopefully we can view the skydiving adventure experience this time. Here we go. This time we were served with the skydiving target activity experience. I hope I was able to show you how to create an Adobe Target activity using experience fragment offers exported from Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service. -


To create Adobe Target Activities using Experience Fragment Offers, the following set-up must be completed: