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Create a tags Cloud Service configuration in AEM create-launch-cloud-service

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Learn how to create a tags Cloud Service configuration in Adobe Experience Manager. AEM’s tags Cloud Service configuration can then be applied to an existing Site and the Tags libraries can be observed loading in both Author and Publish environments.

Create tags cloud service

Create the tags cloud service configuration using below steps.

  1. From the Tools menu, select Cloud Services section and click Adobe Launch Configurations

  2. Select your site’s config folder or select WKND Site (if using WKND guide project) and click Create

  3. From the General tab, name your configuration using the Title field, and select Adobe Launch from the Associated Adobe IMS Configuration dropdown. Then, select your company name from the Company dropdown and select previously created property from the Property dropdown.

  4. From the Staging and Production tab keep the default configurations. However it’s recommended reviewing and change the configurations for real production setup, specifically the Load Library Asynchronously toggle based on your performance and optimization requirements. Also note that the Library URI value is different for Staging and Production.

  5. Finally, click Create to complete the tags cloud services.

    tags Cloud Services Configuration

Apply tags cloud service to the site

To load the Tag property and its libraries onto the AEM site, the tags cloud service configuration is applied to the site. In the previous step the cloud service configuration is created under the site name folder (WKND Site) so it should be automatically applied, let’s verify it.

  1. From the Navigation menu, select Sites icon.

  2. Select the root page of the AEM Site, and click Properties. Then, navigate to the Advanced tab and under Configuration section, verify that Cloud Configuration value is pointing to your site-specific conf folder.

    Apply Cloud Services Configuration to Site

Verify loading of Tag property on Author and Publish pages

Now it’s time to verify that Tag property and its libraries are loaded onto the AEM site page.

  1. Open your favorite site page in the View as Published mode, in the browser console you should see the log message. It’s the same message from the JavaScript code snippet of the Tag property Rule that is fired when Library Loaded (Page Top) event is triggered.

  2. To verify on Publish, first publish your tags cloud service configuration and open the site page on the Publish instance.

    Tag Property on Author and Publish Pages

Congratulations! You have completed AEM and data collection Tag integration that injects JavaScript code into your AEM site without updating the AEM Project code.

Challenge - update and publish Rule in Tag property

Use lessons learned from the previous Create a Tag Property to complete the simple challenge, update the existing Rule to add additional console statement and using Publishing Flow deploy it onto the AEM site.

Next Steps

Debugging a Tags implementation