Create a Live Copy create-livecopy

Understand how to create a Live Copy for your site from a Blueprint using the Create Live Copy wizard.

In this video, we’re going to learn how to use the create live copy operation in AEM. For that, let’s imagine that we are the company running the WKND Site. And we discovered that in Germany, there is a huge market that wants to consume the content that we create in English. Now currently we don’t have an English edition under Germany, so we have to figure out a way to create a whole new English edition of the site, right beneath Germany. Now we’re going to go about doing this by using the create live copy operation. for that let’s go ahead and find the blueprint that is going to be copied over into these location. Let’s go back into WKND Site, then language masters, and now English. Now this is the language master in English. The purpose of this site in English, under language masters is to be a site that we’re going to reuse in English across multiple regions or countries. Which is exactly what we want to do right now. So we want to reuse all of these hierarchy in Germany. So for that, I’m going to select the route of the hierarchy, which is English, by clicking on the checkbox, and then on the upper left corner, click on the create button and then live copy. Now we are presented with a wizard. In the wizard the first step is to select the destination of the live copy, which is going to be German.
Then we click on next and we have provide a title. We have to provide a title, which is going to be English, okay? And then a name en. So for the name, we have to follow ISO standards. So this is the convention that we have to adhere to because we are dealing right now with a multinational multilingual site. Next we have these options exclude sub pages. So since what we want to do here is create a whole site in English, under Germany. And we’re currently selecting the English route page under language masters. We want to not exclude sub pages. We actually have the whole, we want to have the whole hierarchy copied over as a live copy into Germany. So we’re not going to check these checkbox, but if we did, then we would be making, we would be creating a live copy of just the currently selected page because live copy creation is something that can be done on a page by page basis as well. Not the case for us right now, but that’s why we’re going to leave it unchecked. Next, we have the rollout configs. Now the rollout conflicts define events or triggers that will happen, or events that happen on the blueprint. And we want to define what’s going to occur on the live copies based on those events that happen on the blueprint. So these are triggering events for example, when someone clicks on the synchronize or the rollout button, like we saw on a previous video that triggers the copying over of, or the updating of the content from the blueprint into the live copy. But there’s other types of events or triggers, for example, we have push on modify. So when some content gets modified, we want to automatically push or roll out the content update into the live copies.
And there’s also other types of events, like for example, when the content or the page gets activated on the blueprint, we want to activate also the live copy. So these are basically events or triggers that occur on the blueprints, and we want to control the effects that will happen on the live copies.
So for in our case, we’re going to use the standard rollout config. The standard rollout config will require someone to manually trigger the rolling out of content by clicking on the synchronize or rollout button. Additionally, the standard rollout config will not apply any sort of transformations to the content. So rollout configurations can also be configured to add transformations to the content as it is being copied over from source to target. Not the case for the standard rollout config though, in this case, it’s just going to leave it the same as it is found on the blueprint. Now let’s go ahead and click on create.
It’s done, now click the done button here and now let’s navigate to Germany and find that we have the English edition of the site under Germany now. And if we are to pick any one of these pages at random, like for example, adventures. Click on the check mark there and then open the references rail, and then check out it’s blueprint. You will see that its blueprint is underneath language masters en. So, and that is the case for any one of these pages underneath English. They are now live copies of our corresponding blueprint under language masters en. -