Manage Live Copy Inheritance on a component manage-live-copy-component

Understand how to manage inheritance between a Live Copy and its Blueprint at a component level.

In this video, we are going to describe how to manage the inheritance relationship that live copy pages hold with their corresponding blueprint pages. We’re going to do this by going to the WKND Site and then into the Germany country site and opening the English homepage for the English edition of the site for German. Select it and then click on Edit.
Now, on the page editor as we hover over the components and we see the blue frames around them and we click on any one of these components so that we can get the action bar, we can see that the action bar actually doesn’t have everything that we would expect. For instance, we don’t have the wrench icon so that we could open the edit dialogue, but we do have this other icon that says Cancel Inheritance. So this is the icon that is telling me that this component, this teaser component that I’m currently highlighting here, has a corresponding teaser component on the blueprint page. And this one is actually inheriting is keeping the link to that teaser component on the blueprint. So that means I cannot edit it. I have to cancel the inheritance in order for me to be able to start editing it. Now, every one of these components has the same behavior right now. All of them have their relationship, their inheritance relationship, intact so far. So let’s imagine that I am part of the German content management team. And I am designated with the task of localizing this Next Adventures section. That is because I am more cognizant of what are the more trending or are the trending adventures or types of trips that are more relevant in Germany. So I’m going to go ahead and start making some changes in the Next Adventures section. So let’s go ahead and click here, and I’m going to click on this button to cancel the inheritance. Okay. So from now on, this component is my responsibility. I’m going to manage it and I’m not going to inherit its contents from the blueprint, okay? I’m going to go ahead and make a change here. So I’m going to say Next Adventures from Germany, all right? And I’m also going to make a change here. So I have discovered that in Germany, the trend is now mountain biking. So climbing in New Zealand has to be changed. So I’m going to cancel the inheritance here, cancel that. And I’m going to now first change the image. Let’s look for something about biking.
All right. So I’m here. Let me pick this one.
Okay. Let me center it a little bit better.
That’s better. Okay. And I also need to change the title and the description here for the teaser component. So I’m going to open the dialogue, which I can because now the inheritance for the live copy, inheritance has been canceled. So I’m not relying on the blueprint’s content now. So I can come here to the Teaser dialogue, go to the Links & Actions. And then I’m going to pick what type of adventure trip I want to point to. Let’s go here to Adventures, Whistler Mountain Biking sounds proper for this. Let me take this one, click Done.
All right, so now I’m done with my localizations, done for the German site. Now let’s suppose that someone on the content management team that works at the global headquarters who manages the Language Masters English page decides that they want to change the adventure page, the adventure teaser. So let me open the WKND Site, Language Masters, en, and then click on Edit. So I am right now on the blueprint. So this is the blueprint of that other page that we were just editing. Okay, so if I scroll down, I can find this Next Adventure section, okay? And I’m going to still promote the climbing in New Zealand adventure from here on the blueprint. But I’m just going to make a change to the image. So I’m going to search for some other image, New Zealand, for example, and this one. Okay. And now I’m going to roll out the change, okay? Let’s go here to the page information dropdown, then Rollout Page. And now I’m presented with a wizard to start the rollout. And here I can see a list of live copies, and among the live copies, I can see that I have the German-English homepage for which the status of the live copy inheritance relationship right now has been modified and is not intact. Basically, this is telling me that there are components there for which I have canceled the inheritance, which of course we know. But for the other two, Canadian English homepage the U.S. English homepage, we still have the relationship intact. That means that those two pages are going to get this change that I just did, but the change that I’m just doing right now on the blueprint is not going to affect the German page. So let me go ahead and click here, rollout pages now, Continue. All right. So now let me go back to the German page. So WKND Site, Germany, English, and I’m going to select it for editing. All right, click on the Edit button, scroll down, and notice that my local changes have been respected. So basically the teaser with the other image has not been changed. So I still have the image that I put locally as a German content manager.
But if I go, for instance, to the Canadian English homepage, I will be able to see that that homepage has gotten that update. So the Canadian site already has that image.
The last thing that I wanted to show you is that you can also reestablish that relationship. Let me go back into the editor for this Germany-English homepage. Okay, scroll down. Let’s suppose that I want to no longer have a local editing of this title, but rather I want to inherit it from the blueprint. So I’m going to re-enable inheritance by clicking on this.
Click Yes. And this is going to re-enable the inheritance, but it’s not going to show that to me immediately. I have to do a rollout, a manual rollout. I have to actually go in and perform that so that I can see that. So I’m going to do that. I’m going to go back here to the site’s console, and I’m going to select this page, go to the References, Blueprint, and I’m going to select Rollout, Rollout Page.
Okay. If I go back to the German page, now I should have the text, Next Adventures, as it is on the blueprint under Language Masters, en. -