Code Refactoring Tools

Learn how AEM’s Code Refactoring Tools help automate the conversion of existing AEM projects to be AEM as a Cloud Service compatible.

We are going to talk about some of the tools available from here. So these tools will help converting, making the process much faster, and then converting your current code base to support to cloud compatible. We’ll start with Unified Experience tool, and then further go with other tools that’s available. This tool is to automate some of the code refactoring tasks required to be compatible with AEM, as a cloud service.
To reduce the complexity associated with installation and setup of different code refactoring tools, we have developed a plugin to unify tools that operate on code in repositories.
This unified tool is a combination of multiple tools available.
Some of the tools that this unified plugin are supported, are Dispatcher Converter tool, Repository Modernization tool and Index Conversion tool. We want to unify all the tools into one Nodejs application, exposed as Adobe I/O command line tool plugin. To provide a consistent user experience to the user, there will be a provision to perform the overall migration by a single command, while also providing flexibility to execute one particular tool as per requirement.
Additionally, the future addition of new tools would be taken care by extensibility. So the experience remains consistent with more value addition. The above screenshot shows how to run this command, and how this command can be executed, and then what parameters can be best.
For more details, please refer to the public documentation. The links are provided in the presentation at the end.
We’ll go over these tools in coming up slides, like Modernization tool, Dispatcher and Index Converters.
We’ll start with Code Refactoring tool installation.
The plugin requires installation of Nodejs version 10, in Adobe I/O command-line libraries.
The plug-in command contains commands for executing the Migration tool individually, or in a combination manner by passing a specific tool name, for example Dispatcher Converter or Index Converter.
We’ll take a look at what Dispatcher Converter looks like and Index Converter in the next slides. -