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Adaptive form with Acrobat Sign

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Create an adaptive form to use Acrobat Sign cloud Configuration

So now that we have created our cloud services configuration the next thing we need to do is to create an adaptive form and configure it with that particular cloud services configuration. So, I’ve logged into my AEM forms instance. I’m going to create a new adaptive form.
I’m going to select the appropriate template here. So, in my case I’m going to select the basic with Adobe sign template here and click on next.
So here give a meaningful title to your form. So, I’m going to call it income declaration form here, and make sure you select the configuration container which we had created when we created the cloud services configuration. So, I’m going to call it formCS is the configuration container. Because our cloud services configuration resides in this particular configuration container. So that’s why we need to select that. And then in the form model tab make sure you select the generate document of record option. These two things are very important as selecting of generate document of record option and selecting the appropriate configuration container. And once you’re done set those values, click on create to create your adaptive form.
So, the form is created. - -