Introduction video

Hi, by the end of this course, you would have created an adaptive form which looks something like this. During the course, you would learn how to create your own adaptive form theme, your custom adaptive form template and then create an adaptive form based on that particular template. This form has four tabs on the left hand side and each of these tabs have a specific adaptive form components. For example, the start panel has a static text component. The people panel has an adaptive form fragment that which you will create as part of this course. The income panel has a dynamic table which allows you to add any number of rows here. And then there’s an assets panel, which is also a sort of a table but displayed in an accordion type of layout. And then you’ll have this toolbar at the bottom of the form which allows you to navigate between various sections of your form. And you have a submit button which when clicked will trigger an AEM workflow. So by the end of this course, you would learn creating an adaptive form, creating an adaptive form theme, adaptive form template and configuring an adaptive form to trigger an AEM workflow.