Using Adobe Cloud Manager - Activity

Cloud Manager provides a consolidated view into a Program’s activity, listing all CI/CD Pipeline executions, both production and non-production. This allows users to view any pipelines currently in progress and review previous deployments.

Cloud Manager also integrates at a per-user level with Adobe Experience Cloud Notifications, providing a omnipresent view into events and actions of interest.

The Cloud Manager Program’s Activity tab provides a unified view of all the program’s pipeline actions, past and present. Each instance of a pipeline execution, production and non-production alike, show up as entries in Activity view. Clicking into the details shows the state of the pipeline execution allowing past executions to be revisited in detail or re-engaged with running pipelines.
On a per user level, Cloud Manager also integrates with the experience cloud notifications providing a proactive accessible view into Cloud Manager-related events and actions, such as the triggering of a pipeline, it’s failure, or successful completion from anywhere within Adobe Experience Cloud. -