Configure start panel

Style the text in the static text component using the rich text editor.

So far we have configured our people, income and the assets panel. In this video we will add a static text component to the start panel. So to do that I have selected the start panel here and I am going to insert a static text component here. Now to change the static text of the static text component I have to select that component and click on the pencil icon here to open up the component in the edit mode. So if you have some limited amount of text you can simply edit the text to this UI here or if you have some large amount of text that you want to format accordingly you can open up the full screen mode here. And in this window I am going to copy the text that I want to appear in my static text component. So this is the text that I want that I have copied and pasted and I can do some formatting using these options here on the toolbar. So the first thing I want to do is to make the state of happiness text as bold and then I want to make these particular items appear as an unordered list, as a bullet list here. In a similar manner I want to make these four options appear as a bulleted list or a numbered list here. So this way you can use these capabilities from the rich text editor menu to format your text depending on your needs. So once you are satisfied with your formatting of the text you can exit this full screen mode and accept or save the changes that you have made to your static text component by clicking on this check box here. So if you do a preview of this form now you will see that the static text is nicely formatted according to the formatting that you did and then you have this people panel here, you have this income panel and the assets panel. So in the next video we will add a toolbar which allows you to navigate between various panels of your form.