Adobe IMS user groups adobe-ims-user-groups

Adobe IMS user groups establish logical sets of users that are exposed to AEM, where they can be leveraged to define fine-tune permissions to AEM users.

Adobe IMS User Groups are simply logical groups of Adobe IMS Users. It’s important to note, IMS groups do not implicitly provide access or privilege. Adobe IMS User Groups are managed in the Adobe console by administrators. Tap the User tab and then User Groups.
The Groups view lets all the IMS User Groups define for the selected Adobe org.
There are a few ways to create User Groups, manually, in the Admin Console, via the Add button. Here we define the group’s name and description.
Or they can be defined in bulk, via the upload of a CSV file. Or they can be part of a sync from your company’s IDP or user directory, either using Adobe’s User Sync tool, or a supported sync integration. IMS User Group definition and organization needs to be evaluated, based on how your organization treats and manages its users, and how they’re expected to use Adobe products. Ideally, user groups are defined and managed in such a way that the same IMS user groups can be reused across experience cloud products, rather than creating discrete sets of user groups for each experience cloud product. We’ll see the downstream impact in use of the Adobe IMS groups in AEM in the following videos. Adobe IMS users can be added to groups by clicking into them, and tapping Add User.
Similarly to adding groups, user membership can be managed via CSV upload, or if the users are synced from a user director. Before we end, let’s take a quick look at some of the other options in the Groups console. The Admins tab lists Adobe IMS users that are allowed to manage this group, including adding and removing other users. I can do this, even though I’m not listed here, because I’m a higher level Adobe Org administrator. But specific users can be designated to manage memberships for specific groups.
The Product Profiles tab lists all the product profiles this group is a member of, granting the group’s members access to those products. At this time, Adobe Experience Managers, a cloud service, does not support group assignment to product profiles. So until this is updated, IMS Groups should not be added to AEM User cloud service product profiles. Instead, users should be directly added to those profiles. And lastly, settings allow group admins to change the name description of the IMS User Group. Note that, and we’ll explore this later. Adobe IMS User Group names are important, as they will manifest in AEM as user groups. So if an IMS User Group name is changed, make sure it’s coordinated with the AEM administrators, so they can adjust to any downstream effects in AEM. -