Learn how to store AEM Forms as a Cloud Service submission data to an Azure storage account.

Hi, in this course, we will learn integrating AEM forms with Azure Portal storage account. So what you see on my screen is a simple adaptive form, which is backed by an Azure Portal form data model, and when I submit this form, the data will be stored in my Azure Portal storage account, and these are all the submissions that I’ve done over a period of time, and we’ll also see how easy it is to search for the submitted data using the metadata service of the form data model. So for example, I have this form here, which allows me to query by a state of residence and the US citizen property, and when I hit the search button, I get the appropriate roles. So as part of this course, you will learn how to create a storage account, how to create a form data model, connecting to that storage account, and then you will create an adaptive form, which on submission will store the data in the storage account, and you’ll also use the metadata service to query the submitted data and display the search results in a tabular format in your adaptive form. -