Configure root panel

Add child panels to the root panel and configure the layout of the child panels.

So, when you create your first adaptive form, every form will have this structure. At the minimum, it will have a form container and it will have a root panel and it will have a header, the main area in which you are going to add your adaptive form components and then there will be a footer section. So, these two as we talked earlier are coming from the adaptive form template. So, let us examine the form containers properties here. Select the form container and click on the wrench icon to open its property sheets. So, anything that you want to apply at a form level, you typically will be applied using the form containers property sheets. For example, if you want to associate a pre-filled service with the form or a client library to the form or if you want to configure the submission options of this adaptive form or if you want to enable Adobe Signature integration with this particular form, you will do that at the form container level. So, let us go ahead and add some child panels to our root panel here. So, to do that, I have selected the root panel and click on the add child panel here. So, for our use case, we are going to add four different child panels to the root panel. So, I have added one. In a similar manner, I will go ahead and add another child panel. So, we need to add four of these child panels. So, add the child panel and add another child panel here.
So, then we need to change the image of the header and the text of this header component. So, let us change the text first, static text. So, we are going to call it here as program eligibility screener application.
And we are going to associate an image here. So, we are going to open up the image property sheets and upload an image from my local system here. You can upload any image that you may have. So, I am going to go into my desktop and I am going to go into my desktop and go into my folder here, which has the image and select the happiness image here and click on save to upload the image. So, so far we have done, created a form and added some child panels to the root panel and changed the logo of our header component. The next thing we need to do is to change this default title of this particular panels here. So, let us go ahead and open the property sheets of one of those panels here. So, here I am going to give a name here, start and then the title will also going to be start. So, this way we are going to change the titles of all these particular panels here. For example, for the second panel, I am going to do people panel. The name is people and the title is people. And for the fourth one, I am going to call it income and the title is going to be income. And the last one is going to be called the assets. Assets and the title is going to be assets. So, so far we have this root panel and then these four panels have been named appropriately. So, in the subsequent videos, we will go ahead and start adding some components to these individual panels and change the layout of the root panel so that the panels start appearing on the left hand side.