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Users requiring access to AEM Author service are managed as Adobe IMS users in Adobe’s Admin Console. Learn about what Adobe IMS users are, and how they are accessed and managed in Admin Console.

Adobe IMS users are simply accounts that allow a user to log into Adobe and are part of an Adobe IMS organization. An Adobe IMS org can be thought of here as entitlements to one or more Adobe products, services, or integrations. So there are three flavors of Adobe IMS users. Personal accounts are referred to as Adobe IDs and are accounts that you can self-register for using any email address you own. The next two types are used for company or school organizations. The first are federated IDs, which are accounts created, owned, and managed by the organization and integrated with single sign-on. The second are enterprise IDs, which are domain-centric accounts, meaning an organization claims a domain with Adobe and provides proof they own it. Once they’ve done this, Adobe user accounts using email addresses with that domain can be created, owned, and managed by the organization. Once in Adobe admin console, the Adobe org administrators can manage various facets of their org, including which users should be part of it. If you’re an administrator and part of multiple Adobe orgs, always check to make sure the Adobe org you want to manage is selected in the org switcher so you don’t accidentally make changes to the wrong org. Adobe IMS users are managed under the users tab, and all users already associated with this organization are listed here. From here, org administrators can add users in a few different ways. Manually via the add button, simply enter the user’s email address, and if they’re already found within the Adobe account system, you’ll be prompted to select what account type, and if they’re not, they’ll be invited to join your organization. And as we can see here, users can use the same email for Adobe ID and federated accounts, so it’s important for the user to know which has been added to the org so they can log in appropriately.
Users can also be added in bulk via a CVS file defining users and their attributes, including which Adobe IMS groups and product profiles they should be members of. And we’ll explore that in later videos. Or more commonly for larger organizations, periodic pushes of user records using Adobe’s user sync tool from their canonical IDP like Active Directory. It’s worth noting Adobe is expanding its seamless integration with external IDPs, starting with Azure Active Directory, but keep checking back to keep tabs on new supported integrations.
Not only can users be added here, but they can of course be removed from our organization, as well. Simply select them and tap remove. -

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