Using Adobe Cloud Manager - Programs

Cloud Manager Programs represent sets of AEM environments supporting logical sets of business initiatives, typically corresponding to a purchased Service Level Agreement (SLA). For example, one Program may represent the AEM resources to support the global public Web sites, while another Program represents an internal Central DAM.

Cloud Manager for AEM, at the highest level, is broken into programs. A program represents a logical group of AEM instances supporting a customer initiative. A standard group of programs consists of a production environment, stage environment, and a development environment.
It is expected that the same initiative and codebase are used within a program. For example, an organization may have a program for their global websites running AEM sites and AEM assets and another program for their internal centralized DAM running only AEM assets. Additional programs can be added to an organization by clicking the Add Program button. This brings up the Add Program Wizard where you can give the program a name and select the program objective. Note that licensing dictates how many programs can be provisioned per organization, and which program objectives are available.
Cloud Manager’s overview page provides a central view into a specific program. The program’s overview list environments in CI/CD pipeline and their statuses, as well as links to other supporting consoles. It also provides intelligent guidance at the top of the page recommending next actions, and at the bottom of the page, links to supplemental materials that can provide further information and support pertaining to the current state of the program.
Several configurations can be adjusted at the program level. To edit a program, click the edit program option in the program menu. The general tab allows us to change the thumbnail and description that helps Cloud Manager users to quickly identify a program. The KPI tab, or key performance indicators, has sections for any purchased AEM product that are part of the program. Here, we see KPIs for AEM sites and AEM assets. KPIs are configured at the program level and used by Cloud Manager’s performance tests, which are executed as part of Cloud Manager’s CI/CD pipeline. In order for the CI/CD pipeline executions to be considered successful, these KPIs must be met. -