Create theme

A theme contains styling details for components and panels, and you can reuse a theme on different forms. Styles include properties such as background colors, state colors, transparency, alignment, and size. When you apply the theme to your form, the specified style reflects on corresponding components of your form.

Hi, in this video we will create a theme that can be used in our adaptive form. A theme is nothing but a collection of CSS files that define the look and feel of your adaptive form. So to create a theme, I’ve logged into my AEM instance, drilled down into the forms menu option and then into the themes folder here. And using the create button, I’m going to create my theme. Give a meaningful title to your theme and select a default preview for this theme. So in my case, I’m going to just click on the use default and click on create. So this creates the theme which now can be used with your adaptive form.