Configuring access to AEM as a Cloud Service configuring-access-to-aem-as-a-cloud-service

AEM as a Cloud Service is the cloud-native way of leveraging the AEM applications, and as such, leverages Adobe IMS (Identity Management System) to facilitate the log in of its users, both administrators and regular users, to AEM Author service.

Adobe Admin Console

Learn how Adobe IMS users, groups and product profiles are used in concert with AEM groups and permissions to provide fine-grained access to AEM Author service.

Adobe IMS users

Users requiring access to AEM Author service are managed as Adobe IMS users in Adobe’s AdminConsole. Learn about what Adobe IMS users are, and how they are accessed and managed in Admin Console.

When an IMS user is deleted from AdminConsole, it is not automatically deleted from AEM, but once AEM session(token) is expired they can NOT login to AEM.

Learn about Adobe IMS users

Adobe IMS user groups

Users accessing AEM Author service should be organized into logical groups using Adobe IMS user groups in Adobe’s AdminConsole. Adobe IMS user groups do not provide direct permissions or access to AEM (this is the job of Adobe IMS product profiles), however, they are a great way to define logical groupings of users that can in turn be translated to specific levels of access in AEM Author service, using AEM groups and permissions.

Learn about Adobe IMS user groups

Adobe IMS product profiles

Adobe IMS product profiles, managed in Adobe’s AdminConsole, are the mechanic that provides Adobe IMS users access to log in to AEM Author service with a base level of access.

  • The AEM Users product profile affords users read-only access to AEM via membership in AEM’s Contributors group.
  • The AEM Administrators product profile affords users full, administrative access to AEM.

Learn about Adobe IMS product profiles

AEM users groups and permissions

Adobe Experience Manager builds on Adobe IMS users, user groups, and product profiles in order to provide users customizable access to AEM. Learn how to construct AEM groups and permissions and how they work in concert with Adobe IMS abstractions to provide seamless and customizable access to AEM.

Learn about AEM user, groups, and permissions

Access and permissions walk-through

An abridged walkthough configuring Adobe IMS users, user groups and product profiles in Adobe AdminConsole, and how to leverage these Adobe IMS abstractions in AEM Author to define and manage specific group based permissions.

AEM access and permissions walk-through

Additional Adobe Admin Console resources

The following documentation cover Adobe Admin Console-specific details and concerns that may help in a better understanding of the Adobe Admin Console and using it to manage users and access across Experience Cloud products.