The implementation phases of Cloud Acceleration Manager

Review and understand the major implementation phases or moving to AEM as a Cloud Service using Cloud Acceleration Manager.

Implementation phase.
Before starting the implementation, verify you’re fully onboarded to AEM Cloud Services. Verify you have an IMS Org set up for your company.
Access to Cloud Manager and have system admin access. Make sure you have access to a Cloud Manager and one of your members in the team have system admin access.
After verification is complete, now you’re fully onboarded, now you can log into Cloud Manager and then be able to provision environments for the development team.
If you have any issues with onboarding, please reach out to your Adobe representative who can help guide provide access to the Cloud Services.
Steps involved in the implementation phase.
The steps for transition to Cloud Services depends on the system you have purchased and the software development life cycle practices followed by the organization.
These are some sample steps that we think based on our Adobe Experience and the projects we see, these are the steps that can be started off with, and add more steps as required by your projects. -