Create an Adaptive Form

Create an adaptive form and associate it with the theme created.

So let’s create our first adaptive form. Before we create our first adaptive form, I want to create a folder which will contain our adaptive form. So to create a folder, I have logged into AEM instance and drilled down into the forms and documents menu and here I am going to create our first folder. And the name of the folder is going to be eligibility screener and click on create to create the folder. Now that the folder is created, I am going to drill down into the folder and create my first adaptive form in that folder. So every adaptive form will be based on a template. The template defines the structure of the adaptive form. So if you remember, we had created this eligibility screener template in the earlier videos and we are going to base our adaptive form on this particular template. Click on next. Specify a meaningful title and the name to your form. I am going to specify eligibility screener. Select a theme for your form. So if you remember, a theme is nothing but a collection of CSS files which define the look and feel of your adaptive form. We are not going to specify any form model properties or the advanced tab. We are going to leave it blank and click on create to create your first adaptive form. Click on edit to open the adaptive form and the edit mode. Because our adaptive form is based on the template called eligibility screener, these two elements are coming from that template and the footer is also coming from that template. So if you want, you can change the image and the title of this header element and you can add some additional components to this particular form.