Configure assets panel

Capture the applicant’s assets using repeatable panel with an Accordion layout .

In this video, we will now configure the assets panel of our form. So I have logged into my AEM instance, selected the assets panel here on the left hand side and here I am going to insert another panel here. Insert another panel object. And in that panel object, I am going to add couple of fields here. So let’s add a drop down field of type drop down list and I am going to add another object of type numeric box. Then I am going to configure the drop down list by opening up its property sheet here and give a meaningful title to it such as type of asset, asset type and then I am going to add some items to it. So the first one would be cash, stock and bonds. And then to the numeric box, we are going to change the default title here from numeric box to amount in dollars. Now we want the user to add multiple types of assets here. So for that we need to make this panel repeatable. So we go to our content hierarchy, select this particular section, open up its property sheet and while we are in the property sheet, change this title to asset and make the minimum setting to 1 and maximum to 3 and then save your settings. So now we want to make this repeatable panel to display in an accordion layout. So for that what we do is we select the content hierarchy again, go into the asset section, open up its configuration property sheet and here in the layout instead of responsive everything on one page, we need to select accordion type of layout here. And now if you preview your form, you will see the accordion layout for the assets panel. So if I go to my asset section here, I see the accordion layout and I can enter the asset type here, give a value here and if I want to add another type of asset, I can do that and that shows up here in an accordion layout. So this is how we have configured the assets panel. In the next video, we will add some components to our start panel.