Dispatcher Converter

Learn how the Dispatcher Converter automatically updates existing AEM Dispatcher configurations to be AEM as a Cloud Service compatible.

AEM Dispatcher converter Adobe experience manager Dispatcher converter provides capabilities for configuring existing on-prem, or Adobe managed services dispatcher configurations to AEM, as a cloud service compatible dispatcher configuration.
The goal of this tool is to make it as simple as possible for AEM developers to migrate existing AEM dispatcher configuration to AEM as a cloud service compatible dispatcher configuration. The dispatcher converter configuration uses AML to define the source configurations details.
The tool uses this configuration for conversion. In case of Adobe managed service dispatcher configurations, the configurations are required for converting them to AEM as a cloud service compatible are relatively simple. However, in case of on-prem customers, we don’t know how the current folder structure will be. So we need more specific configuration details.
In the sample configuration you see in the screenshot, you have to provide only a single path for AMS customers and dispatcher converter. That is enough for this patch or converter to convert to AEM cloud service compatible.
In case of on-prem customers. It requires specific information on B hosts, pastry, HTDPD, and variable information’s, and V-Host information. In case of more than one V-Host files the configuration can take area of files. We can provide multiple parts. After a successful conversion You should run the dispatcher validator on the converter configurations and validate locally and fix any issues before pushing the changes to AEM cloud services. [Relaxing Outro Music] -