Prefill Adaptive Form with data from Azure storage

Learn how to use AEM Forms’ prefill service to populate adaptive forms from Azure Blob Storage.

Hi, in this video, we will use the form data models prefill service to pre-populate a form by giving a Blob ID. So before we do that, we need to configure the read operation of our data model. And in the read operation, we need to provide a Blob ID. So in our case, I’m going to specify a hard-coded literal Blob ID value, but in real life, you can pass this Blob ID through a parameter, such as a request parameter or a user profile attribute. And once you have set the Blob ID, the next thing we need to do is to specify the container name. So our container name is going to be credit application submitted. So once you have these two set, the next thing to do is to configure your adaptive form, to use the form data model’s prefill service. So let’s see that, so here I have my form, and if I go to the form container and open the form containers configuration properties, and here in the prefill service, make sure you select the form data model prefill service, and then click on save. And the next thing we need to do is to preview the form. So if I were to preview the form here, it will fetch the information of the person who’s Blob ID is the 555666777. And it will pre-populate the form with the information that is fetched from the Azure portal storage. So this is how you can easily, pre-populate an adaptive form by using the form data model’s prefill service to pre-populate your form. -