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Configure Adaptive form for fill and sign scenario

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In this video we configure the form where the form filler and the signer is the same person

So after creating the income declaration form I have gone ahead and added some fields to the form here. So, if I were to open this form in the edit mode.
I have added a header and then I’ve added some static text and I have also added a table and an email field to capture the user’s email address. So, to use this form in conjunction with Adobe sign there are certain things that we need to do. So, the first thing we need to do is to configure the submit action of the form. So, open the forms, form container properties, and go to this submission tab here and make sure you’re submitting to one of these options here. So typically I have used in work AEM workflow option here and I’m submitting to a workflow called for Adobe sign. And the data file part is data internal XML. The next thing we need to do is to configure this form to use Adobe sign here. So, make sure you select the enable Adobe sign and then select the appropriate cloud services configuration. The cloud services configuration that we created was called forms and signs. So, select that and define the order in which you want the users to sign this particular form. In our case, there’s only going to be one user, hence it’s sequential. And that one user is going to be the same user who’s filling the form. So, click on yes here. And we also need to associate an email address with the person signing the form. So, in our case, we said use the email address provided in the form option. And the email address is going to come from this, your email field, leave the signer authentication methods as none and the Adobe sign fields here, leave that’s blank, save your settings and then come back to your form and open it in preview mode as HTML here.
So, enter some information in this table here, so $900.
If I want to add another role, you could add that and select dividends here, which is another $1,800 or whatever number you can put in there.
And then you provide an email address here, email and now you’re ready to sign this particular form. So, click on click to sign.
So, the moment that, the form should open in an Adobe sign interface here with the data from the form. So that’s the information from the form. That’s the table is there, and you can sign here. So that you can then type in your name here and click on apply and click here to sign.
So, this completes the signing ceremony. So, this is how you can use AEM forms and Adobe sign to provide the seamless experience for the user to fill and sign a form using AEM forms. - -