Install Git

Install Git. You can select the default settings and complete the installation process.
Go to your command prompt
Navigate to c:\cloudmanager\aem-banking-app
type in git --version. You should see the version of GIT that is installed on your system

Initialize Local Git Repository

Make sure you are in the c:\cloudmanager\aem-banking-app folder

git init

The above command will initialize the project as a git local repository

git add .

This adds all the project files to the git repository ready to be committed to the git repository

git commit -m "initial commit"

This commits the files to the git repository

Register cloud manager repository with our local Git repository

Access your cloud manager repo
access the rep info
Get the cloud manager repo credentials

Save the username in the config file

git config --global credential.username "gbedekar-adobe-com"

save the password in the config file

git config --global user.password "XXXX"

(The password is your cloud manager git repository password)

Register the cloud manager git repository with your local git repository. The command below associates bankingapp with the remote cloud manager git repository. You could have used any name instead of bankingapp

git remote add bankingapp<cloud-manager-repo-path>

(Make sure you use your repository URL)

Check if the remote repository is registered

git remote -v

Next Steps

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