Asset Workflow Migration Tool

Learn how the Asset Workflow Migration tool helps migrate your existing AEM Assets Workflows to AEM as a Cloud Service.

Asset Workflow Migration.
So this tool is used to automatically migrate asset processing workflows from on-prem our AES deployments of AEM to processing profile and OSJ configurations for use in AEM assets as a cloud service. For each of these workflows, the tool will determine if the workflow has any custom steps or steps that are supported on Skyland. If so, it will edit the workflow model in place and remove any unsupported steps from it. For workflows that do not contain any supporter or custom steps, we’ll ignore them, as they will not be executed on assets in the cloud. For any workflow models that are determined to be removable, we will ensure that they contain the dam update asset workflow, completed workflow step. This is to ensure that assets are marked as processed when the workflow completes. This is done so that the assets can remain in a processing state while running through the customers, custom processing steps. Currently the script is not able to process AND or split, OR splits. Development teams will need to inspect manually and then migrate these configurations. If you have any custom steps prior to this migration, you need to check the custom steps and then be able to migrate them manually into cloud services in an adjustable to modern configuration. -