Create Azure storage backed Form Data Model

Create Azure Blob Storage backend Form Data Model.

Now that our Form Data model backed by an Azure. Storage account is created. The next thing we need to do is to create an adaptive form based on this particular Form Data model, and on submission of this adaptive form, the data captured in that adaptive form will be stored in the, Azure portal storage, using the Form Data models invoke method. So, I have created this simple form and the form is associated with the form with the Form Data model that we created earlier. And if you go into the form itself, these are the form data model elements, and all these elements have been placed on the form. For example, there’s an applicant picture, applicant name, city, state, address, zip and monthly income. This form is configured to submit using the form data models invoke method here. So if I open this, if I went to open the form container and see its submission properties.
Here is the form container, and if I way to open it some configuration properties.
And open the submission node here. You can see the form is configured to use the submit using form data model option here. And the data model to submit is the credit applications and make sure you select submit form attachments, because we are going to add the applicant’s profile picture, and that profile picture will be stored in the Azure portal storage using the Form Data model method. So now that our form is created, the next thing we need to do is to preview the form here. So this is the preview. Sorry, save the changes here, and preview the form, and attach an applicant’s picture here.
So, this is the picture that I’m going to attach.
And you can enter some information here. So, I’m going to enter applicant’s name as James and the social security number is going to be our blob ID, so we can enter any social security number here. I’m going to enter, right? And the monthly income can be 8,000. So now that our form is filled with the applicant picture and on submission of this form, the Form Data Models invoke method will be used to store this information in the Azure portal storage with the blob id of our social security number here. So when I submit here, if everything goes well, I should get an appropriate message here.
The form was submitted successfully, and if you go into your Azure portal storage, this is my storage container, storage account, and these are the containers here. So if I were to refresh, a new container is created called credit application submitted. And in that container, would be the blob ID, which corresponds the social security number of the applicants information is created here. So, this is how you can easily integrate AEM forms with Azure portal storage, using the Form Data model integration method. -