Introduction to the integration between Adobe Experience Manager Forms as cloud service and Salesforce.

Hi, by the end of this course you would have learned how to integrate AEM forms with Salesforce, by creating an connected app in Salesforce, then creating the appropriate cloud services configuration in AEM, and then creating a form data model and creating a form based on that particular form data model. And then you will… Once you have your form when you submit the form it should create a lead in the Salesforce. So, I have this form here, which has some information from them. And when I submit this particular form the lead should be created in the underlying Salesforce data source. So, if I were to submit this form here, a lead should be created in the Salesforce database. And if I go into my Salesforce and do a refresh here, I should see the lead object created with the information that was submitted from the adaptive form. So, I’m sure you will find this course interesting and useful in your day-to-day business operations. -