Readiness and Best Practice Analyzer

Learn how the Best Practice Analyzer can help prepare you to move from AEM on-prem or Adobe Managed Services to Experience Manager as a Cloud Service.

To start with first, Readiness phase.
In Readiness phase, the first thing to start off with is Cloud Acceleration Manager.
It’s a free Adobe application that provides an assessment of current AEM implementation. It helps manage journey to AEM as a cloud service following Adobe’s recommended methodology.
The key benefits of CAM: easy to consume visual representation of assessment report, best practices assessments, and migration complexities. Migration brings up the guides in manage the transition journey in building intelligence that provides contextual help along the way.
Reach out to your Adobe representative to get access to your free Cloud Acceleration Manager application and start your journey today.
Best Practices Analyzer - Overview. The Best Practices Analyzer originally was created with the name Cloud Readiness Analyzer.
BPA checks an AEM instance against Cloud Service’s requirements and provides an assessment of your current AEM implementation by indicating areas that are following AEM best practices; provides guidance on next steps to adapt AEM best practices; generates a report that identifies areas of potential refactoring. The output from the ABPA can be used directly by consumers, and also serve as a primary input to Cloud Acceleration Manager.
BPA uses Pattern Detector.
BPA utilizes an updated version of the Pattern Detector with new patterns specific to AEM as a cloud service.
It contains detectors that analyze the data feed, which describes the state of any AEM instance and provides a report of suspicions related to upgrading the instance to a newer version of AEM.
The idea was that consumers will be able to identify and resolve issues before the actual upgrade process was started.
There are several new detectors were added to provide analysis that was relevant to migrate to AEM as a cloud service.
On the right, you see there are some new patterns that was added recently. This is a constant evolving process. More patterns will be added as we identify potential lead. Please watch for, in the public documentation, to find more updates.
What are the prerequisites for Best Practice Analyzer? The Best Practice Analyzer can be downloaded as a zip file from the software distribution portal.
You can install the package by a package manager on your source, Adobe Experience Manager Instance.
Here in the screen, what you see are the prerequisites for BPA. You must run the report prior to the class. Later in the presentation, there is a demo on BPA and CAM.
While the demo is going on, you can also upload the report onto your IMSR and view the report in CAD, and then ask any questions. -