Adobe Experience Cloud Release Notes - March 2022

Last update: March 2022


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Latest update: April 13, 2022

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Icon Experience League events

Experience League events are a great place to learn, interact, and get answers from product experts at Adobe!

Updated April 5, 2022

Event Type Description
AEM from Headful to Headless (and everything in between) Experience League LIVE Watch a detailed breakdown of the most common Adobe Experience Manager Sites implementations with host Danny Gordon and guests Amol Anand, Sachin Mali, and Sean Steimer.
Date: April 21, 2022, 9 a.m. PST
Schedule & past events
How do I handle all these audiences? Experience League LIVE Demystifying audience strategy with Audience Manager and Real-time CDP. Host Doug Moore welcomes Nick Cammuso and Jackie Chevallier in this Experience League LIVE event.
Date: April 28, 2022
Schedule & past events
AEM Gems Adobe Live Webinar AEM Gems updates for 2022 are available! AEM Gems is our webinar series of technical deep dives on Adobe Experience Manager, delivered by Adobe experts.
For the latest AEM Gems, see Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service: 2021 Review and 2022 Outlook and Build Sites Faster with AEM Headless and App Builder.
Visit these release notes frequently or subscribe to the Adobe Priority Product Update to stay on top of AEM Gems and other Experience League events.
Experience Makers - The Skill Exchange for Adobe Workfront Adobe Live Webinar We are thrilled to announce the first edition of Experience Makers - The Skill Exchange for Adobe Workfront.
This free, three-hour digital learning event is focused entirely on Workfront. You can ask questions of experts and peers who know work management best. Whether you are newer to Workfront or are a seasoned expert, we have something for everyone.
Date: Wednesday, April 13 @ 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. PDT. Details & registration: Adobe recommends registering even if you cannot attend, so that you are guaranteed access to on-demand recordings.
Adobe Workfront System Admin Essentials: Designing an Ideal User Experience Adobe Live Webinar Join Mary Ann Erickson, Customer Success Manager at Adobe Workfront, and Steve Enos, Creative Operations Analyst at Liberty Mutual Insurance to find out how to design an ideal user experience.
Date: Wednesday, April 27th. Time: 8:00am PDT / 4:00pm UK.
Details & registration
Adobe Analytics: Telling impactful stories with data Adobe Live Webinar Data storytelling is done well when it’s a balance of art and science. So, why over-engineer it? Adobe Analytics champion Amy Ard discusses three parts aimed to guide your data storytelling without diminishing creativity:
  • Identifying the opportunity or problem
  • Explaining through data
  • Offering a solution
Date: Thursday, March 31 - Details & registration
Adobe Developers Live Video Developers Live showcases the latest tech advances and developer tools powering design, content creation workflows, document services, and customer experience management across industries. View the keynote address, learn about Analytics APIs, client data layer, Adobe Developer open-source projects, and much more.

Icon Adobe System Status

Adobe System Status provides detailed information, status updates, and email notifications about Adobe products and services outage, disruption, and maintenance events. Check it out at

For the latest release information, see Adobe System Status release notes.

Icon Experience Cloud - central interface components & administration

Experience Cloud central UI components include features available on the home page and the persistent product header. These features include user profile settings, preferences, and search. You can also find help on user and product management, Customer Attributes, and Experience Cloud Audiences.

Feature Description
Access Recents across Experience Platform and Journey Optimizer using Unified Search You can access recently accessed objects from every page of Experience Platform and Journey Optimizer through the Unified Search field.
See Unified Search for objects and entities for more information.

More help resources on Experience Cloud Central UI Components & Administration

Icon Adobe Experience Platform

Latest release information and new documentation for Experience Platform and Mobile SDK:

Release date: March 7, 2022

New Experience Platform tutorials and courses

New videos, tutorials, or courses published for Experience Platform.

Published Name Type Description
March 2022 Implement Adobe Experience Cloud in mobile apps tutorial Course Learn how to implement Adobe Experience Cloud applications in your mobile app using Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDK.
March 2022 Generate first-party device IDs Video Learn about generating first-party device IDs and how they work.
March 2022 Configure datastreams Video Learn how to create and configure datastreams for Web and Mobile SDK implementations.

Adobe Mobile SDK

See Release notes and change logs for the Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDKs.

Icon Adobe Analytics

Release date: March 23, 2022


Release version: 2.22.4

New Analytics tutorials and courses

New videos, tutorials, or courses published for Adobe Analytics.

Published Name Type Description
March 2022 Tips and tricks on how to simplify and spend less time training users Video and article Learn how critical for success a well-trained Adobe Analytics organization can be in your business.
March 2022 Creating an empowered community Video and article Learn the value of an empowered Analytics community and how to create and support one.
March 2022 Create marketing channel processing rules Video Learn how to configure Processing Rules for Marketing Channels.
March 2022 Set up marketing channels in your report suite Video In this video, learn how to configure marketing channels reporting in your Analytics report suite.
March 2022 Transition to Adobe Analytics from Google Analytics Video A comprehensive guide for transitioning to Adobe Analytics from Google Analytics.
March 2022 Configure hierarchy variables Video Learn how and when to set up and configure hierarchy variables for your site. This feature can be used to show a hierarchical view of the pages on your site, and how much traffic is coming to each node.
March 2022 Curate and share in Analysis Workspace Video Learn how to work with curation and sharing projects in Analysis Workspace.
March 2022 Direct link to a project in Analysis Workspace Video Learn how you can better democratize analytics by creating shortened links that take your colleagues directly to your Analysis Workspace projects.

Icon Customer Journey Analytics

Release date: March 23, 2022

Icon Audience Manager

Fixes and improvements in Audience Manager:

Improvement Description
Validator for target data sources belonging to other companies Audience Manager released an improvement to the batch data onboarding process. To prevent accidental file and data onboarding into target data sources owned by other partners, Audience Manager has added a mapping requirement between partner ID (PID) and the data sources (DPID) owned by other partners.

For self-help resources, see Audience Manager documentation and tutorials on Experience League.

Icon Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe recommends visiting the Experience Manager release updates and roadmaps page to stay current on release information.

Experience Manager product updates

  • Experience Manager 6.5, Service Pack 12 (

    Adobe Experience Manager includes new features, key customer-requested enhancements, and performance, stability, and security improvements, that are released since the availability of 6.5 release in April 2019. The service pack is installed on Adobe Experience Manager 6.5.

    See the Release notes.

Experience Manager product releases

  • Experience Manager as a Cloud Service

    Watch the March 2022 Release Overview video for a summary of the features added in the 2022.3.0 (March 2022) release.

    • January 2022 Release Overview video of new features.

    • December 2021 Release Overview video of new features.

    • October 2021 Release Overview video of new features.

    • September 2021 Release Overview video of new features.

    • Experience Manager Assets as a Cloud Service

      New features in Experience Manager Assets

      • Dynamic Media - You can now use Experience Manager - Dynamic Media interface to configure General Settings and Publish Setup instead of having to go through the Dynamic Media Classic desktop application.
      • Dynamic Media now supports ingestion, preview, playback, and publish for MXF videos. Annotation and shoppable video for MXF videos is not yet supported.
      • After configuring a connection between remote DAM and Sites deployments, the assets on remote DAM are made available on the Sites deployment. You can now perform the update, delete, rename, and move operations on remote DAM assets or folders. The updates, with some delay, are available automatically on the Sites deployment.

      New features in Experience Manager Assets prerelease channel

      • Dynamic Media now provides the flexibility to let you configure one company alias account in the user interface, so that out-of-the-box Dynamic Media URLs and Viewer Embed code are updated. This action positively impacts SEO, to reflect updates made to your business context, such as rebranding.

      • You can now use the Experience Manager Assets user interface to:

        • Configure the detection of duplicate assets in a repository.
        • Configure adding digital watermarks to images.
      • Administrators can now configure email service for large downloads. It allows the users to enable email notifications for large downloads from the Experience Manager Assets interface. The user receives an email notification containing the download link of the archived zip folder upon completion of the download process.

      • The Manage Publication feature is enhanced with an improved user interface. Users can publish or unpublish content to and from the selected destination, and Add Content to the publishing list from across the DAM repository. They can also Include Folder Settings to publish content of the selected folders and apply filters, and schedule publishing to a later date or time.

      Bug Fix

      • Unprocessed assets with no original rendition are sent to Asset Compute for processing while migrating assets from Experience Manager On-premise to Cloud Services.
    • Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service

      New in Forms

      • Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service - CommunicationsCommunication APIs help you combine a template and XML data to generate print documents in various formats. The service lets you generate documents in synchronous and batch modes. The APIs help you create applications that let you do the following:

        • Generate documents by populating template files with XML data.
        • Generate forms in various formats, including non-interactive PDF print streams.
        • Generate print PDFs from XFA form PDFs.
        • Generate PDF, PostScript, PCL, and ZPL documents in bulk by merging multiple sets of data with source templates.
      • Custom fonts for Document of Record and PDF documents created with Communications APIs — You can now use brand approved fonts in PDF documents generated using Communications APIs to align with your organizational requirements.

      New in Forms prerelease channel

      • Assembler API — Assembler APIs to combine, rearrange, augment, and obtain information about PDF documents.
    • Cloud Manager

      Release date

      The release date for Cloud Manager in Experience Manager as a Cloud Service 2022.01.0 is 20 January 2022.
      The next release is planned for 31 March 2022.

      New features

      • Cloud Manager avoids rebuilding the code base when it detects that the same git commit is used in multiple full-stack pipeline executions.
      • Accessing the Experience Manager environment log now requires the Deployment Manager product profile. Users without this profile see a disabled button in the user interface.
      • The user interface does not allow front-end pipeline configuration for a program where Sites are not enabled as a solution.
      • Upon generating a git password, the expiration date is displayed.


New Experience Manager courses and tutorials

New videos, tutorials, and courses published over the past month.

Published Name Type Description Applications
March 2022 Start developing with AEM Headless Course Create AEM Headless landing page that pulls together all the content on AEM Headless on ExL. AEM Headless
March 2022 Create your first website in Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service Course Quickly generate a new website in Experience Manager using a pre-defined Site template. AEM Sites
March 2022 Extract node from submitted data xml Video Learn this custom process step to create an XML document by extracting node from another XML document. Use this process when you want to merge the submitted data with XDP template to generate PDF. AEM Forms
March 2022 Write the document to the file system Video Learn how to write the generated documents in the workflow to the file system. AEM Forms
March 2022 Custom functions Video AEM Forms 6.5 introduced the ability to define JavaScript functions that can be used in defining complex business rules using the rule editor. AEM Forms
March 2022 Workfront for Experience Manager enhanced connector Expert Series Video Join Adobe’s Workfront and Experience Manager Assets experts in this four part videos series, as they demonstrate and discuss the ins and outs of the Workfront for Experience Manager enhanced connector. AEM Assets, Workfront
March 2022 Cascading drop down lists Video A tutorial with sample assets to create a form with a cascading drop-down list. AEM Forms
March 2022 Initial setup and configuration Video Learn how to set up and configure the Workfront for Experience Manager enhanced connector, unlocking the combined power of AEM Assets and Workfront. AEM Assets, Workfront
March 2022 Workfront custom forms and metadata mapping Video Learn how to configure Workfront and AEM Assets to manage and sync asset metadata using Workfront custom forms, and AEM metadata schemas. AEM Assets, Workfront
March 2022 AEM Tags, project linked folders, and folder metadata Video Learn how to drive AEM Tags use on assets via Workfront data, setup and use project-linked folders, and Workfront data to AEM asset folder metadata schemas. AEM Assets, Workfront
March 2022 Advanced settings and workflows Video Learn how about advanced settings for the Workfront for AEM enhanced connector, and how to configure advanced workflows and launchers in AEM to manage the sync of data between AEM and Workfront. AEM Assets, Workfront
March 2022 Create and configure Dynamics account Video Learn the steps to register the Microsoft® Dynamics with Azure Active Directory. AEM CS
March 2022 Public link sharing Video Learn how Assets Essentials’ Share Link allows users to share assets with internal and external stakeholders while minimizing the risk of sharing wrong assets or information. AEM Assets

Experience Manager release information

All Experience Manager release notes are maintained at the following pages:

Other Help resources for Experience Manager

Icon Experience Manager Guides

Experience Manager Guides is an application deployed onto AEM. It is a powerful, enterprise-grade component content management solution (CCMS) which enables native DITA support in Adobe Experience Manager, empowering AEM to handle DITA-based content creation and delivery.

Learn more about XML Documentation for AEM.

New tutorials for Experience Manager Guides

New videos, tutorials, or courses published for Experience Manager Guides.

Published Name Type Description
March 2022 Output Generation with XML Documentation Course Learn how to generate output using Experience Manager Guides. Learn about various features available for output generation, including reports, baselines, conditions, troubleshooting, bulk publishing and activation.

Additional resources

Icon Adobe Commerce

See the following links for Adobe Commerce release notes:

New Adobe Commerce resources

New documentation and tutorials for Adobe Commerce on Experience League.

Published Name Type Description
March 2022 Payment Services Guide Guide A guide intended for administrators of Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source. It includes detailed information about installation and onboarding of Payment Services, as well as configuration and management of the services. It assumes a basic understanding of the core Commerce configuration and functionality.

Icon Adobe Target

Last Updated: March 21, 2022

Icon Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign provides an intuitive, automated way to deliver one-to-one messages across online and offline marketing channels. You can now anticipate what your clients want using experiences determined by their habits and preferences.

Latest Campaign product releases

Find out more about the latest capabilities, improvements, and fixes released:

New Campaign tutorials and courses

New tutorials and courses published for Adobe Campaign.

Published Name Type Description Applications
March 2022 Integrate with Experience Manager - Overview Video Connect Adobe Campaign with Adobe Experience Manager to be able to manage email delivery templates, assets, and forms in Experience Manager. AEM, Campaign v8
March 2022 Configure Campaign for the Experience Manager integration Video Learn how to set up the integration between Experience Manager and Campaign, including important settings to look for and potential ‘gotchas’ to avoid. AEM, Campaign v8
March 2022 Approve and publish an Experience Manager page to Campaign Video Learn how to create a newsletter in Experience Manager and how to approve and publish it to Campaign. AEM, Campaign v8
March 2022 Synchronize and send an Experience Manager email delivery in Campaign Video Learn how to test and send an email from Adobe Campaign using a newsletter that was created in Experience Manager. AEM, Campaign v8
March 2022 Integrate with Adobe Target Video Learn how to personalize a delivery with dynamic content served from Adobe Target. Adobe Target, Campaign v8

Campaign help resources

Icon Adobe Journey Optimizer

With Journey Optimizer, you can manage scheduled omnichannel campaigns and one-to-one moments for millions of customers from a single application — and the entire journey is optimized with intelligent decisioning and insights.

Latest Journey Optimizer product releases

Find out more about the latest capabilities, improvements, and fixes in the Journey Optimizer Release Notes.

Journey Optimizer tutorials and courses

Latest Journey Optimizer tutorials:

Published Name Type Description
March 2022 Use and manage saved expressions in the personalization library Video Learn how to use saved personalization library items in a message and how to create and manage personalization library items.

More resources for Journey Optimizer

Icon Adobe Journey Orchestration

Use Experience Platform to orchestrate a customer’s journey at scale across experience channels, by intelligently anticipating every individual’s needs in real time.

Latest Journey Orchestration product releases

Find out more about the latest capabilities, improvements, and fixes in the Journey Orchestration release notes.

More resources for Journey Orchestration

Icon Adobe Marketo Engage

Marketo Engage is a complete application for lead management and B2B marketers looking to transform customer experiences by engaging across every stage of complex buying journeys.

Core Marketo Engage updates

See Marketo Engage release schedule for the latest release schedule information and release notes.

New Marketo tutorials and courses

New tutorials and courses published for Adobe Marketo.

Published Name Type Description
March 2022 Create and manage personalized Dialogues Video Learn how to create and manage a Dialogue. Designing conversations that are targeted and personalized is the key to create a great conversational experience for every web visitor.
March 2022 Setup and install your chatbot Video A guide to help you install chatbot JavaScript onto your website or landing page and customize its look to match your brand.
March 2022 Enable people to book meetings with your sales team Video Use Dynamic Chat to accelerate the connection with sales for target account leads.
March 2022 Activate your Marketo integration with Dynamic Chat Video Dynamic Chat is natively integrated into Marketo Engage, which enables you to use context from chatbot conversations to retarget or score your prospects.
March 2022 Manage users of Dynamic Chat Video Manage your Dynamic Chat users through Adobe Admin Console.
March 2022 Product tour of Dynamic Chat Video Dynamic Chat is a new chatbot solution built for marketing and sales. It is natively integrated with Marketo Engage, which enables you to use Dynamic Chat as a new channel in your cross-channel marketing. It is simple to use and easy to set up.

Icon Adobe Workfront

Adobe Workfront is a unified work management application for sharing ideas, creating content, managing complex processes, and doing their best work.

See the Workfront releases page for a round-up of the latest information for all products.

Icon Adobe Advertising Cloud

Release notes for Adobe Advertising Cloud.

Last updated: April 11, 2022

Feature Description

Advertising Insights
(April 11; Google Ads accounts) Advertising Cloud Search has transitioned all API calls from the legacy Google AdWords API to the latest Google Ads API. Moving to the new Google Ads API will ensure continuity with existing capabilities and enable access to Google’s latest Ads features.

Some features have not yet been updated to the new API and are temporarily unavailable:
  • Location extensions:
      Location extensions aren’t visible in the Extensions view.
    • You can’t create an extension.
    • Filters on locations don’t work.
  • Advertising Insights: The Impression Share Lost and Query Cross Matching Beta analyses aren’t available.
We anticipate restoration of location extension capabilities by the end of April. Once we determine when the affected Advertising Insights modules can also be restored, we’ll send an update with the estimated date.
Portfolios (March 12 release) By default, hybrid optimization is available at the campaign level. You can now optionally enable hybrid optimization at the ad group level, for which the optimization capability sets Google CPA or ROAS targets at the ad group level for more precise control over performance.
With any portfolio, you must allow for a learning period before you launch the portfolio to ensure that it has sufficient model coverage. Similarly, if you change a hybrid portfolio from campaign-level to ad group-level optimization, then set the portfolio to the active state for about two weeks. This ensures that the optimization capability has time to learn about the included ad groups and generate targets.
To support ad group-level optimization, custom simulations can now include results by ad group. Run a custom simulation with ad group-level results before you launch a hybrid portfolio with ad group-level optimization.
(Match 12 release; Beta feature for Microsoft® Advertising campaigns) - You can now configure search campaigns to use the Maximize Conversions bidding strategy, and optionally set a maximum cost per click.
If you are already participating in the hybrid optimization beta for other auto-bidding strategies, you automatically have access to the Maximize Conversions strategy, and you can include campaigns with the Maximize Conversions strategy in hybrid portfolios. To use this strategy in a hybrid portfolio, you must enable uploading of Advertising Cloud Search objectives to Microsoft® Ads. If you aren’t already participating in the beta and want to join, contact your Adobe account manager.
Campaign Audiences

Campaign Bulksheets
(March 12 release; Microsoft® Advertising campaigns) - You can now use any of your Microsoft® Advertising audiences except for in-market audiences as either campaign-level targets or adgroup-level targets. Previously, you could use them only as adgroup-level targets.
Campaign Audiences (March 12 release; Beta feature for Microsoft® Advertising accounts that are eligible for Customer Match) You can now create and manage customer match audiences by uploading CSV files with email addresses. The data must be hashed using the SHA-256 algorithm.

New Advertising Cloud tutorials

Published Name Type Description
March 2022 How to create a standard display placement Video Learn how to create a standard display placement for an Advertising Cloud DSP campaign.

Icon Adobe Document Cloud

New tutorials and courses published for Adobe Document Cloud.

Published Name Type Description
March 2022 Custom Commands and Tools Video Learn how to improve document workflow productivity by using custom commands and tools. Then, share your new commands and tools with co-workers to help improve organizational efficiency.
March 2022 Adding bookmarks and hyperlinks Video Learn how to add bookmarks and hyperlinks for better navigation and interaction with your PDF files.
March 2022 Optimize scanned documents Video Whether your document comes from a camera or scanner, learn how to enhance the result in Acrobat for a better PDF viewing and searching experience.
March 2022 Convert Word to PDF including form fields Video In this 60-second video tutorial, learn how to convert Word files and forms to PDF and automatically build form fields.
March 2022 Advanced form fields Video In this hands-on tutorial, learn how to set up calculations, create an email submit button, and quickly update form pages without rebuilding all your existing form fields.
March 2022 Create more efficient PDF files in a snap Video In this 60-second video tutorial, learn how to use the Optimize PDF tool to significantly reduce the size of your PDF files.
March 2022 Recognize text in a scanned PDF file Video In this 60-second video tutorial, learn how to convert a scanned PDF so that you can search for text in the PDF.
March 2022 Let Acrobat help you make accessible PDFs Video In this 60-second video tutorial, learn how to check to see if a PDF is Accessible.
March 2022 Export PDF to Word from your phone Video In this 60-second video tutorial, learn how to convert a PDF file to a fully editable Microsoft® Word document with the Acrobat mobile app.
March 2022 Protect your PDF files with a password Video In this 60-second video tutorial, learn how to protect a PDF so that a password is required either to open or edit the PDF.

For Document Cloud help, see:

Icon Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise

See Creative Cloud for enterprise tutorials for the latest tutorials.

Icon Customer Data Management - Voices

Customer Data Management Voices is your destination as a customer data management technical and marketing practice leader and specialist. This collection of tutorials is your one-stop-shop to hear from your peers, get inspired, and learn about developments in MarTech. No registration required, simply click and watch.

Icon Digital Experience Blueprints

Digital Experience Blueprints are repeatable implementations that let you address strategy and quickly solve established business problems. Each Blueprint provides a series of artifacts that explain the high-value business problem, architectures, implementation steps, technical considerations, and links to the relevant documentation.

Published Name Type Description
February 2022 Customer Journeys Video Customer Journeys addresses the ability for brands to proactively engage and communicate with their customers through channels such as email, SMS, and mobile alerts.
February 2022 Campaign v7 Blueprint Video Adobe Campaign v7 is a campaigning tool built for traditional marketing channels such as email and direct mail. It provides robust ETL and data management capabilities to help craft and curate the perfect campaign.

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