Create and manage personalized Dialogues

Designing conversations that are targeted and personalized is the key to create a great conversational experience for every web visitor. Learn how to create and manage a Dialogue.

In this tutorial, we will design and publish a dialogue and dynamic chat. At the end of this walkthrough, you should understand all of the basic building blocks of creating a dialogue. First, we will create a new dialogue.
Next, we will define where the dialogue will be displayed. In this example, we’ll embed our dialogue on a Marketo test landing page.
Then, we’ll define who this dialogue will be displayed to. In this case, we’ll target anonymous leads in the United States. To do so, we’ll add the inferred country attribute to our rule set first and set the value to United States.
Then we’ll add the person email attribute and set the value to empty.
Next, we’ll design the flow of our conversation.
First, we’ll add a message.
Then, we’ll add a question.
Next, we’ll add an information capture.
Last, we’ll add a confirmation message.
Finally, we’ll publish our dialogue.
That’s it. -

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