Learn about creating triggered email campaigns

Learn how to use Marketo to capitalize on buyer behaviors by using triggered email campaigns to engage with timely and relevant messaging.

Maybe a customer recently attended your trade show or a lead’s score has reached a new threshold or a member of your program viewed a product on your webpage. With Marketo, you can capitalize on these interactions by using Triggered Email Campaigns to respond in a timely manner with content specific to each recipient.
A Triggered Email Campaign is a Campaign that automatically sends an email to individuals as they meet predetermined conditions. Triggers actively listen for specific behaviors to define the who of a Triggered Email Campaign. Triggers and filters can also be combined to selectively send out emails. In our example, you could send a different onboarding email based on a customer’s industry. So you could combine a Salesforce trigger and an industry filter to ensure that the customer receives an industry-specific email.
After defining the who, you’ll set up the what. With a Triggered Email Campaign, the what will be the send email flow action. In the Marketo Smart Campaign, you can also set up additional actions like changing a person’s program status or adding them to a different program. The when for a Triggered Email Campaign is defined by your schedule, allowing your Campaign to run once, once every few days or every time the trigger detects a member of your program.
Let’s look at some Triggered Email examples.
A customer is planning on attending a trade show and through the registration process, they’ve been added to your list. To send a follow-up email, you’ll build your Campaign using the Added to List trigger. In the next example, a lead’s score has reached a new threshold based on them downloading a trial version of your new software. You want to email the lead’s information to the sales manager. So you’ll use the trigger, Has Interesting Moment. In another scenario, a member of your program has viewed a product on your webpage and you want to follow-up with more information on that product. So you’ll use the trigger, Visits Web Page. These are just a few examples of how Triggered Email Campaigns can be used to react to your audience. Keep in mind that planning is the key to a successful Campaign. Ensure the who, what, and when of the Campaign are aligned with other marketing efforts to avoid over communicating with your audience. Now that you understand why you would use a Triggered Email Campaign as part of your marketing strategy, let’s take a look at how it works in Marketo. -