Enable people to book meetings with your sales team

Use Dynamic Chat to accelerate the connection with sales for target account leads. Enable visitors to book meetings with various sales representatives by adding your sales agents as a user through admin console and each agent should connect their own calendar.

Hello, everyone in this video, let’s look at the meeting booking functionalities of dynamic chat. Let’s start with the visitor experience. Depending on the visitor persona and the conversation, you can provide an option to those qualified visitors, to schedule a meeting with your representatives directly. Like you see here, as a visitor, I can click on the schedule meeting button, choose a date and a time slot that suits best for me. As I click confirm, a meeting invite will be sent to my email, and also to the sales representative. In this case, Lisa Frank.
Let’s look at how we can set up this in dynamic chat.
First, add all your representatives, with whom you would like the visitors to schedule a meeting as a user in dynamic chat. To add users, go to adminconsole.adobe.com, and under the dynamic chat product profile, add users by clicking here.
Provide the respective details. Click save to add users.
Next, log into experience.adobe.com. Select dynamic chat. Click on the calendar option in the left navigation. You can see, you can choose from Outlook or Google. I would start with Outlook.
Since I’ve already authenticated, it has connected my calendar directly. But it would ask you to authenticate your account, and also allow permission to access your calendar.
Configure the subject and the content of the email invite that you would like to send to a visitor, who’s scheduling a meeting.
In case you want to disconnect your calendar anytime, you can click on this option, disconnect calendar. And that would disconnect your calendar.
In the same way, all your agents can log in, connect their calendar, and configure their email invite.
Now, while you design a new dialogue, or editing an existing one in the stream designer, you can see appointment schedule look up.
At any point in the dialogue, you can simply drag and drop the appointment schedule look up.
And connect it to, existing stream or a new stream that you’re creating.
That’s it. This will automatically resolve agent’s calendar pull the slots and show them to the visitors during a conversation.
In the routing page, you will see the list of all the agents who have connected their calendar. Currently, dynamic chat supports round robin as a routing rule.
Based on this order of priority, each agent’s calendar will be resolved during a conversation.
Next, we have meetings. On this meetings page, you can see the list of all the meetings that are booked so far and their respective details.
Now let’s look at how you can use this meeting booking information in marketer.
If a visitor books a meeting, it is logged into marketer as an activity and you can see the same in the person activity log.
Like this.
And further in a smart campaign, you can create a trigger and filter based smart campaigns using meeting booking dialogue meet appointment schedules as a filter or a trigger.
And design and action like lead scoring, lead qualification or any other next marketing touch points.
I hope this is helpful. Thank you so much. -

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