Accessing Your Sales Insight Actions Instance accessing-your-sales-insight-actions-instance

This video provides an overview of how to access your Sales Insight Actions account to create content, configure your account, invite new user, and more.

In this video we’re going to show you, as an admin, how you can access your Sales Insight Actions web app instance. If you’re an admin and looking for how you can create content such as email templates or sales campaigns, or you’re looking to configure your Sales Insight Actions account, invite users, create teams for sharing, this video will be useful for you. To access your Sales Insight Actions account, you can go to From here, you can enter the email address associated with your instance and click Log In.
Once you do that, you’ll see one of two options for authenticating. You will either see a sign in with Salesforce option or you will see multiple authentication options, including email and password. For most of you, you should see the sign in with Salesforce option, which is what I’m going to use today. I’ll click sign in with Salesforce. And here, Sales Insight Actions can use your Salesforce account to authenticate you into your Sales Insight Actions instance. Once inside, you’ll be navigated to the Settings section. But before we do that, let’s take a quick look at what’s available to us in the Sales Insight Actions web app. I’m going to navigate over to the Command Center where I can see tasks that are due, or tasks that have been completed. I can look at emails that have been sent out, similar to an email outbox. I can navigate to the People tab to see all of the people that I’ve engaged with, or imported into the Sales Insight Actions instance. I can go to the Templates tab to manage and create email templates. I can go to the Campaigns tab to manage and create sales campaigns. And I can go to the Analytics tab to get high level performance insights on sales activities and content performance. Lastly, in the top right, I have the options to go to the Settings section. Within the Settings section, there will be an Admin Settings section. This is where I can choose to configure my instance, invite users, or create teams. With this video, you should now know how to access your Sales Insight Actions account as an admin. -