Sales Insight Actions Overview sales-insight-actions-overview

Accelerate prospecting efforts with marketing-powered intelligence and engagement tools together in a single workflow using Sales Insight Actions.

In this video, I’ll show you how Sales Insight Actions empowers your sales team to engage with the right customers at the right time through contextual sales intelligence and sales engagement capabilities. All available directly from the CRM. To start things off, I’ll navigate to the Marketo tab, which will act as my prospecting hub. Here, I’ll open up the Sales Insight Actions Live Feed by clicking on the Radar button in the top right corner. The Live Feed gives me moment to moment intelligence that allows me to follow up in real time. At the top of the Live Feed, I can see that Diego Garza has recently downloaded a white paper on social media marketing from our website. Knowing that our content is top of mind for Diego, I see this as a great opportunity to start building a relationship and see if I can help guide him through his purchasing decisions. To quickly reach out, I can click on the Chevron next to Diego’s name, where I’ll see some call to action buttons, including Email, Call, and Campaign. Here, I’ll click on the Call button as I’d like to see if I can get him on the phone and introduce myself. When I open the dialer, I can see his phone number is imported directly from Salesforce. I also have call recording enabled for note taking and training purposes. Next, I’ll hit the call button to initiate the call. During the call, I can take notes about the call. I can even disposition the call with a call reason and a call outcome. All of this rich call data will be logged to Salesforce to be used in reporting. The call data can also be logged to Marketo and used in Marketo Smartlist with native call triggers and filters. Even though I followed up with Diego Garza from Telematico, the work’s not done. I can go over to the account page to view historical activity from the account and see if there’s anyone else that might be a part of the buying group. Here, I can easily see that multiple people have been downloading assets from our website this week. So I want to follow up with them with an email to introduce myself. I click on the actions dropdown in the top right corner of the panel and select the sales email action. This opens a new compose window where I can view one to one sales messaging that has been curated for me. I can select an email template on a topic most relevant to the buyers. I can preview any dynamic fields to see what personalization will look like and then I can either schedule or send the email immediately. I’ll go ahead and send the email immediately right now. Now that I’ve engaged with everybody at the Telematico account, it’s time for me to continue prospecting and look for ways to replenish my pipeline. I can return to my best bets page and see my top leads ranked by order of urgency so I know exactly who to engage with. For these leads, I’m going to use a sales engagement campaign so that I can continuously follow up with them. A sales campaign is a series of one to one engagement steps performed by the sales rep. Here we can see a sales campaign that spans across 10 days and has a combination of email, call, LinkedIn, in-mail, and custom steps to perform. To add my top leads to a sales campaign, I can select them on the left hand side. Then I can click on the actions dropdown in the top right and click add to sales campaign. From here I’ll be taken to a page where I can review the selected leads. Then I can review the different sales engagement campaigns that have been shared with me and the different categories that have been organized based on topic or industry. From here I can confirm and add the leads to the sales engagement campaign. As leads are added to sales engagement campaigns, reminder tasks will be generated into my task management dashboard. I can navigate to my task management dashboard from the best bets page by clicking on the task tab at the top. From here I can see a list of all of the tasks that have been assigned to me and complete them based on priority. Now you’ve seen how you can use Sales Insight Actions’ integrated dialer, sales emails, and sales engagement campaigns to engage more effectively with your prospects and customers.