Add and manage users of Dynamic Chat

Manage your Dynamic Chat users through Adobe Admin Console.

Before your team can start using Dynamic Chat, you’ll need to provide them with access to the product. Step one is to invite users to Dynamic Chat via the Adobe Admin Console. To do so, simply log in to, click add users, enter the email address and name of any users you’d like to invite, select the Dynamic Chat product profile and click save.
Invited users should receive an email invitation to create an account within a few minutes.
To remove a user, simply click the users tab.
search for a user you’d like to remove, select the checkbox next to their name and click remove user.
Step two is to provide the users you’ve added with access to the Dynamic Chat shortcut in my Marketo. To do this simply create a new role with the access Dynamic Chat permission in the Marketo admin panel.
And assign it to all users who you invited to Dynamic Chat in the previous step. Once the permission has been added users should see a new Dynamic Chat tile in my Marketo.
It is important to note that users must be added to the Dynamic Chat in Adobe Admin Console before chat permission is added to their account in Marketo. -

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