Convert Word to PDF including form fields

In this 60-second video tutorial, learn how to convert Word files and forms to PDF and automatically build form fields.

Want to create PDFs from a group of Word files? In Acrobat, just choose File, Create, PDF from File, or press Command + N on the Mac or Ctrl + N on Windows. Select one or more Word files and click Open. Each file will be converted to an individual PDF.
Now, before I send these out, note that this file contains fields where I want the recipient to enter data. I’m going to make these into form fields, so I’ll select the Prepare Form tool. All I have to do is click the Start button, save the file, and then Acrobat searches for anything that looks like a form field and adds the appropriate fillable fields.
There are various tools here to make adjustments to the fields if necessary. I’ll click the Preview button, and you’ll see that the form is all ready to fill in.
When I’m finished previewing, I just click Close, and then save the file and send it to my users. And that was 60-Second Acrobat. -