Edit a graphic in your PDF

In this 60-second video tutorial, learn to make advanced edits to a graphic in your PDF using Illustrator! After selecting Edit PDF, right-click on a graphic and choose to edit it in Illustrator. When you’re done, simply choose Save in Illustrator and Acrobat updates the artwork in the PDF.

Not only can I edit graphics and shapes inside of Acrobat, I can also use other applications in conjunction with Acrobat. So here I have a PDF file that I’m reviewing, and I can see here on page two that there’s an issue with this graphic especially, if I compare it to the version on page one. So what I’ll do is come in here and choose Edit PDF, and then I can come in here and select parts of the graphic. So I can grab this little shape here and move this around. You’ll see that Acrobat has some smart grids to help me sort of align this with other elements on the page. And then for the other part of this graphic, I’m going to need a little bit more help. So I’m going to right-click on this, and choose Edit in Adobe Illustrator. Once inside of Illustrator, I’m going to switch over to Outline View so I can see this white artwork against a white background. I’ll double-click on this shape. I can see that this is actually a compound shape. And I can just come over here and just move this into place. And then once I’m done making my changes, I’ll come up to the File menu and choose Close, then click Save, and then Acrobat can pick up all of those changes from Illustrator, and then update my original PDF file. And that was 60 Second Acrobat. -