Work with files from Dropbox

Learn how to open, create, edit, sign, and save changes to your Dropbox files from inside Acrobat. Connecting your Dropbox account to Acrobat is a true time saver–keeping all your files at your fingertips.

In this video, we’re going to take a look at integrating an Acrobat PDF with Dropbox. So the first thing to do is to set up the relationship between Acrobat and Dropbox. And I’m going to do that by clicking first over here on the Home view icon and choosing this button at the bottom. It says Add file storage. And you’ll notice that here it says Add a storage account. So we’re going to click on Dropbox.
Here we are. Now Dropbox is asking if that’s okay, we’re going to allow it. Now let’s go back to our document. Now that we’ve set up the connection between the two applications.
I want to make a few changes. The first thing is I want to remove this stuff at the bottom so I’m just going to select it, remove it, and I’m going to take this block of text and just drag it down to fill up some of that space and do the same thing with this block. And I think I’ll remove this bullet point as well.
Now I want to do one more thing while I’m here, which is add a watermark. So we click here on watermark and we go add personal and confidential.
Notice that we have complete control over fonts, sizes.
Let’s start there. And let’s also do this, I’m going to rotate it 45 degrees. I’m going to scale it up a little bit. Let’s scale it maybe to 75%. And then the last thing I want to do is change the opacity. So I’m going to take the opacity from a hundred percent. We’ll take it down to oh, maybe around 14 looks good.
And the last thing we’re going to do here in the desktop version of Acrobat is save it into Dropbox. So I’m going to go to file, I’m going to use Save as. Here’s my Dropbox, and we’ll just click save.
Now I’m going to open up Adobe Acrobat Reader on my iPhone. And I’m going to go at the bottom here where it says files, there’s a little icon, I’m going to click on that and notice that there’s conveniently a Dropbox icon. So we’ll tap on that.
And here is my document right here at Altura Guidelines.
And so the last thing to do now is to add the signature. So I’m going to go to fill and sign with my initials.
So all I do is click where I want to place it like that. I can reposition it.
That looks pretty good.
Let’s click done.
And we are in fact done. -